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The system supports future high school graduates by enabling them to consolidate the knowledge they have acquired over the years.

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The creation of the system was commissioned to us by the Central Examination Commission. We wanted to meet the requirements in the best possible way to enable students preparing for the final exams to use a platform that allows them to create and solve tasks.


The application was prepared by a team of four programmers - two dealing with the preparation of the REST API and two frontend developers responsible also for the development of the mobile version for which the Cordova platform was used. The client application was prepared in the AngularJS framework, which facilitated its migration to both iOS and Android platforms and significantly improved the reception of the application itself. Symfony2 framework was used to build API in connection with MySQL and Redis databases, which significantly improved the architecture, performance and stability of the whole application. The whole is complemented by Ansible, which is used by us to manage both the state of the server and the process of implementing changes in the production environment


The system allows you to create test questions - both single and multiple choice. Each of the questions can contain multimedia aids in the form of pictures and sounds. The answers themselves can also be in the form of multimedia. The content editor also allows you to insert advanced mathematical formulas and equations.

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Da Vinci Studio took over the project from a previous vendor with the goal of delivering a stable product. They created a Laravel/PHP-based legal documents and services marketplace along with a WordPress blog.

Jakub Wilam, Co-Founder, PomocPrawnika.com 4.9

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