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Educational platform created for the purpose of conducting trainings for drivers in transport companies. The system can create subsequent instances of educational platforms personalized for individual companies. It also enables remote creation of courses or copying them between platforms.

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Designing a tool for aggregating courses for drivers in one place. Then create an individual workspace for a specific company and make selected courses from the library available there. The courses had to contain written materials as well as photos and instructional videos. In addition, the aggregation platform should be able to download statistical data from individual instances.


Using open source software as an individual educational platform, we have prepared a proprietary system that can install and configure this software for a specific company with a single click. Then we handled full communication between the created platforms and our superior administration panel. Each added company receives its own space which it can manage. Our solution allows you to store courses in one place and make them available remotely for individual educational platforms.


A multi-instance environment of isolated educational platforms, connected by an instance managing the courses and content on the platforms. A fully scalable solution in which the client decides how many separate environments they want to create. Each sub-area has its own database of students and a separate domain.

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Da Vinci Studio developed an app for a logistics sales automation tool company. The team provided both front- and backend development and provided UX designs.

Marcin Zarzecki, CEO of Quotiss 4.9

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