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Dance school management system

Swiplo is a system that enables the management of institutions such as dance schools (or other similar structured institutions, such as gyms, language schools, soccer academies). Swiplo integrates all the necessary functionalities for instructors, receptionists, and school administrators in one place - such as a calendar, participant payments, schedules, and individual staff compensations.

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Managing a dance school requires not only creating schedules but also tracking class occupancy, promoting classes, managing staff, finances, and maintaining constant communication with participants. All of these tasks can become challenging, especially when the school offers multiple classes and serves numerous clients. Such activities can be time-consuming, which is why we have developed a system that integrates all of these tasks in one place.


The solution created by Da Vinci Studio is software that enables strategic management of a dance school from a single place. The system includes modules such as:

  • Calendar - divided into daily and weekly plans for each staff member
  • Statistics - where you can review finances for the entire settlement period (broken down by individual classes), and based on this data, identify the most and least attended classes, the most popular age groups, and other similar information relevant for the school's strategic level
  • Student Database - with functions like sending SMS messages to specific clients, checking their active passes, payments, and information about whether they subscribe to newsletters and similar features
  • Staff Database - categorized by roles such as instructors, receptionists
  • Addition and Modification of Classes - managing schedules, instructors, participant limits, payments, target groups, class names, and pass types
  • Events - adding events and managing payments for them
  • News - adding news articles visible in the client application
  • Reports - generating summaries of classes/income/passes, and similar data
  • Effect

    As a result of our efforts, we've developed a system that facilitates efficient dance school management and streamlines the process, reducing both time and the number of tools required. Instructors have clear insights into their classes, participants, passes/payments, while the management team gains simplified access to broader financial information and statistics. Additionally, communication between staff and students is facilitated by features such as news updates, notification functions, and the ability to send SMS messages directly from the system. Dance school management becomes straightforward and enjoyable, all thanks to the utilization of a single intuitive system.

    In addition to the business management system, the Da Vinci Studio team has also created a unique landing page and web application for class participants. This set of tools provides robust support for business operations.

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    In addition to monitoring and ensuring the security of the software, they created an intuitive application and landing page that I needed. I was not disappointed. Their programmers met my expectations at every stage of product design and implementation.

    Radosław Michalak, Owner of dance schools and the Swiplo application 4.9

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