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Outsourcing of programmers

Take advantage of Da Vinci Studio’s programmer outsourcing service and enjoy reduced employment costs, access to the knowledge and experience of IT professionals. Outsourcing is a practice that allows you to increase your competitive advantage and gain access to the latest technological trends, which has a direct impact on active business development.


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what and how?

What are the collaboration options?

At Da Vinci Studio, we create flexible, tailor-made solutions for Android and iOS on a daily basis. Our system of work makes you have a big influence on the process of creating a mobile application. From its concept to the final product. You can freely decide on its structure, and at the same time combine your own experience in business with the competence and experience of our programmers.

Hire IT professionals for your team

In this model, you periodically use the services of a single specialist or a group of IT employees who have the knowledge and skills necessary for the various stages of software development. At Da Vinci Studio, we have programmers with many years of experience, specializing in several coding languages and with the ability to work remotely and a culture of working in a distributed team.

Outsourcing the project for implementation

When you decide to outsource a project, you put in the hands of our specialists the entire project or its specific area. This is an optimal solution, providing support without incurring additional investments (such as hiring your own IT team). Just describe your needs to us and we will provide you with experts who meet all your expectations.

for whom?

Is this type of collaboration for me?

It is a model suitable for anyone who needs to augment their team with additional people or is thinking of outsourcing the entire project to an external IT department. In both cases, we have a solution. In either option of working with us, you decide the responsibilities of the programmers and the priority of the tasks to be completed. You can also opt for a dedicated Project Manager from our team, who will keep you informed on an ongoing basis about the progress of the programming work.

A wide range of skills

Knowledge and experience - what technologies do we operate in?

As part of our IT outsourcing, we customize employee competencies and technology stack to meet the needs of the project. We are familiar with PHP, Python, Angular, React, React Native, but we can also offer developers working in other languages.

Why is it worth it?

Advantages of outsourcing the project and hiring specialists


You gain the time it would take to recruit specialists for your own team. You don't have to create a special position or positions to complete a single project.

Cost reduction

You eliminate the cost of recruiting, hardware, or software. You also don't incur vacation fees, office costs, project management, and training, which we at Da Vinci Studio organize for the team.

Wide range

You gain access to professionals, their knowledge and proven solutions. We select people who specialize in the areas necessary for the project.


Both methods provide much more flexibility than hiring employees on a contract basis. Not all project goals and tasks need to be accomplished on a full-time basis.

Additional benefits of hiring our team:

  • At Da Vinci Studio, we will take full care of your project.
  • We will regularly report data to your company.
  • You pay by the hour with one month’s notice.

Additional advantages of outsourcing the project:

  • You independently manage the time and organization of project work.
  • You independently choose the tasks we are to perform for you.

support at every step

Our process of operation

1.Candidate profiles

Create a list of requirements you want from a potential candidate (position, experience level, technologies, tools)

2.Candidate selection

Based on the defined requirements, we select suitable candidates and present them to you within 10 working days.

3.Signing the contract

We establish the terms and conditions on the basis of which our cooperation will proceed (rate, duration of the project, notice period

4.Project launch

We start working on the project and provide you with measurable results on a regular basis.


Tell us what specialists you need

Work with experts who will support you in active business development.

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Outsourcing the project, hiring programmers - how much does it cost?

We multiply the rate per programmer by the number of hours spent on the project.
We can assume a certain hourly limit for development work in a given month. This way, if you want to outsource, we can arrange, for example, to complete 100 hours of work every month.

Trial period

50% of the starting price

Want to check us out? No problem! To start, we can offer 50% of the rate for programming work for the first 2 weeks of implementation in the project. After that time, you can cancel the specialist in question or request a change, without any liability.

In addition, we provide a price guarantee for the work of hired Da Vinci Studio programmers to your team for six months, and any increase after that time will not exceed the level of 10% of the price on the contract. If the specialists you choose are not available in-house, we will conduct a recruitment, for which you will not pay a single zloty.

Potential problems

What if there is a breakdown?

Life writes different scenarios, and we are well aware that even despite perfect planning, emergencies can happen. In case of unexpected contingencies, we guarantee to replace the programmer with another person of the same or similar rate, competence and availability.

When is it worth it?

Should I use your development team?

There are at least a few situations in which you should consider outsourcing your IT staff. This is a solution that supports the management of the company and the active implementation of new ideas. It is worth considering outsourcing programmers when:

  • You don’t have internal programming resources, such as an IT department.
  • You are working on the implementation of a project with a high level of complexity and need support.
  • You want to save on costs, but at the same time you need an expert programmer or a whole programming team.


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