An effective teamwork technique

What is an analytical workshop at Da Vinci Studio?

Event Storming is one of the most effective and fastest team techniques. It allows you not only to model your team’s work, but also to design answers to problems that could potentially arise in the future. The workshop brings together in one place people from your organization responsible for the project and people from Da Vinci Studio responsible for technical matters. As a result of the collaboration, knowledge exchange and team business processes within the analytical workshop program, we get a model that each party understands. At the workshop, we mainly work on developing a clear and lucid vision and process, and mapping out all the necessary steps to make the project a reality.


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Workshop results

The main output of our workshop is a set of materials tailored to you and your product. Materials may vary depending on your needs – perhaps you will need user stories or competitive analysis instead of visualizations of how the system works?

We’ll set this up before the workshop so that you have peace of mind and full knowledge of what we’ll provide you with in the post-workshop materials. Whichever option you choose, you will receive from us not only a set of materials, but also a number of benefits as a result holding the workshop.

What else will I receive?

Workshop benefits

We take an individual approach to each workshop, so you can be sure that we will discuss all your ideas and needs.

Price certainty

You will receive a final quote, so you will be able to plan your budget

Speed and efficiency

You will know the timeframe for producing your product

Functional and technological recommendations

We will point out which tools will be optimal to achieve your business goal

Risk detection

We localize technology and business risks that our team (at the IT level) and you (at the business level) are able to prevent

Getting to know the team

During the workshop you have the opportunity to get to know part (and sometimes all) of the team that will be responsible for the implementation of your project

Industry experts

We provide the opportunity to engage an industry expert who will share knowledge, detailed recommendations and provide insight from a particular business area

Accurate quotes

Certainty of amount

We are committed to producing high quality products from the stage of creating an idea to maintaining the final version. This is why we so often start the development process with workshops. Without them, the pricing could be inadequate to the needs of the project and your expectations. We do not give rigid amounts at the stage of the first conversation, because we know from experience that such a defined budget is often stretched.

In the situation of other software houses, it happens that you will get an estimate at an early stage of discussions, which unfortunately does not reflect the actual cost of the project and the potential difficulties that may arise during the development of the solution. Thanks to our workshops, thorough technological analysis and refinement of the scale of the solution, we are able to determine the exact costs and time needed for the project. This facilitates the overall management of the process, narrowing the area of analysis to the most important points.

support at every step

Our operating process

1.Need analysis

In the first step, we talk about your expectations. We create a common vision of the product and discover its functionalities. This is also the stage where we discuss goals, problems and all the details involved in the project.

2.Workshop implementation

We write down all the events that will occur in the system on colored sticky notes and place them on a designated board. During the workshop we do not use technical vocabulary, so that each participant understands the topics and problems raised during the meeting.

3.Analytical work

A workshop with a client is just the tip of the iceberg. After each workshop, our team faces a thorough analysis of the conclusions gathered during the meeting, which brings us closer to giving costs, timelines, providing post-workshop materials and starting the project sooner.


In the next step, we provide you with complete project documentation, the scope of which we have agreed together before the workshop. The time of delivery of materials may vary depending on their quantity or complexity, but most often we deliver all materials up to 2 weeks after the workshop.

5.Project launch

Once we have all the materials, know the costs and the scope of the project, we proceed with the programming work to provide you with the best product tailored to your needs.


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Do you have a great idea, but lack technological knowledge? We can help.

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Dominik Kaczmarczyk

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The project team

Who is going to implement my idea?

We are masters at selecting optimal and tailor-made solutions. This also applies to teams, which we always tailor to the project and its requirements. Importantly, the people you get to know during the workshop stage will be in charge and responsible for the implementation of your project.

Two types of workshops

Where will the workshop be held?

On site

Da Vinci Studio is headquartered in the center of Bielsko-Biala, where we have the necessary materials, tools and space to conduct workshops. We can also come to the client with everything necessary and in their office arrange a space for conducting a fruitful workshop.


Remote workshops are an excellent solution if we do not have the physical opportunity to meet. Event Storming online is conducted with the help of tools that allow us to create the necessary conditions, which do not differ in effect from workshops conducted in the traditional mode (offline, on-site).


How long does the workshop last?

It all depends on the complexity of the project and the topics we need to finalize before the start of development. The minimum workshop time at Da Vinci Studio is 4 hours, but most often our workshops last 6 hours. This is enough time to synchronize the participants’ knowledge, unify the vision, the process and identify problems that may arise in the process.


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