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At Da Vinci Studio, we develop dedicated mobile applications for various platforms such as Android, iOS or multi-platform devices. Whatever your needs are, we will create software for you that will support your business goals and increase the workflow in your company. Our knowledge, experience and access to the latest technology allow us to propose tailor-made solutions, with full support at every stage of the project.


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Our approach

How do we develop mobile applications?

At Da Vinci Studio, we create flexible, tailor-made solutions for Android and iOS on a daily basis. Our system of work makes you have a big influence on the process of creating a mobile application. From its concept to the final product. You can freely decide on its structure, and at the same time combine your own experience in business with the competence and experience of our programmers.


Android or iOS, or perhaps a PWA?

When we take on a project for mobile devices, we mostly develop it, relying on React Native technology. After an estimation of time and cost, we are able to select an adequate and optimal solution that fits within your financial capabilities. Wondering what operating system we will develop your product in?

Upon closer inspection, you may find that neither Android nor iOS will be the ideal solution for you. Then you might want to opt for an alternative option, which is Progressive Web Apps (PWA). This is an application that combines mobile and web application solutions. It can be used on a variety of mobile and desktop devices. Choosing the right option depends on the specifics of your project and your financial capabilities. Popular PWA applications are, for example, Google Maps, Instagram, or Uber.

Responsive applications

What if I need a responsive app?

At the outset, we break down your project to examine what real problems and challenges you face. Based on this, we work together to develop solutions to your problems and challenges.

Sometimes in the MVP phase it is enough to create a web application that is simply responsive. In practice, it varies. For example, sometimes it happens that we create a responsive web application already in the first phase. It all depends on your financial capabilities and the problem and challenge you are facing. It is worth remembering that there are different approaches to the problem and there are many types of applications. Sometimes it is necessary to create a mobile application, other times a responsive web application is enough, and it also happens that hybrid solutions such as PWA are best.

support at every step

Our process - we program software to meet the needs of your business

1.Needs assessment and analysis

After submitting your inquiry, you will be contacted by our office, we will initially inquire about problems and challenges. It is very important for us to have a thorough understanding of your needs so that we can determine whether there is common ground. If so, we will schedule a convenient time to talk with the Technical Director.

2.Free consultation with the CTO

We will invite you to a 30-minute conversation with our CTO, where you will freely discuss any topic related to the IT challenges your company is facing. Our CTO will recommend next steps based on his experience and knowledge.


We will analyze all the information we gained from you during our communication so far. We will then come back with an offer and a proposal for further action to be taken. Continuation of cooperation will depend on your decision.

4.Kickoff meeting

At this stage, we will submit your project for implementation. We will select a team consisting of exactly the specialists you need. We will also select a Project Manager to oversee the implementation.

5.Project Launch

We are actively working on your web application, solving problems and optimizing processes on an ongoing basis to deliver a quality and functional final product that meets your expectations.


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Do you have a great idea, but lack technological knowledge? We can help.

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project team

Who will work on my web application?

We select each team for the project and its requirements. We are masters in finding dedicated solutions, so we select people according to your needs and the specifics of the project. Our team includes programmers who have extensive knowledge and experience, backed by years of practice in the profession. You will get to know the people who will work on your web application at an early stage of project work. This will ensure constancy and clarity in communication, and thus fewer mistakes (which could result from constantly bringing new people into the project).


How much does a mobile app cost?

We don’t give you an approximate price for the service and product offhand, because we simply don’t know it.
We don’t want to mislead you, so first we want to know the exact scope of the project. In the next step, Da Vinci Studio’s Chief Technical Officer (CTO) will point out potential avenues and further directions. We can guarantee convenient billing methods, such as Fixed Price, Time & Material, or subscription.


Project launch

Mostly we start working on the project up to a month after signing the contract.
However, a lot depends on your readiness. If we are already after discussions and the quote has been accepted, then it remains for us to plan the work and set the project schedule in the broader context of Da Vinci Studio’s activities (staffing, arranging processes, pre-implementation meeting).

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