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System integrating healthcare with AI

Vinci Medicine is an intelligent system for preliminary diagnosis that conducts interviews with patients and optimizes the process from the physician's perspective. Additionally, the solution enables the utilization of personnel resources that are not physically present at the healthcare facility but can provide medical consultations and expertise through telemedicine solutions.

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Implementation details - project description


The main problem in Primary Health Care financed by the Polish National Health Fund is the accessibility of doctors. Furthermore, the situation worsened due to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, during which many PHC facilities were closed, and communication shifted to a new area (teleconsultations).

The project aims to address difficulties such as:

  • Access to medical facilities
  • Assigning patients to the appropriate doctor
  • Diagnosing diseases in patients making phone calls or scheduling appointments
  • Optimizing the process of data collection and processing
  • Solution

    Da Vinci Studio has developed an optimized system to support patient registration while utilizing human and equipment resources in medical clinics and practices. The intelligent system conducts preliminary diagnosis interviews with patients and streamlines the process from the physician's perspective. Additionally, intelligent algorithms provide suggestions to the doctor based on historical data, offering potential diagnoses.


    The project relieves the burden of initial patient interviews conducted by doctors and enables a preliminary diagnosis based on an automated interview algorithm. By informing patients in advance about the necessary tests tailored to their reported symptoms during automatic registration, the visit time is optimized. As a result, the visit is shorter, allowing the doctor to handle a larger number of patients.

    Benefits for patients:

  • 24/7 support providing efficient and reliable results
  • Pre-medical advice tailored to individual needs
  • Optimized visit time by being informed about the necessary tests based on symptoms reported during automatic registration
  • Increased availability of services (e.g., for seniors, people with disabilities)

  • Benefits for healthcare facilities:
  • Alleviation of the doctor's workload during initial patient interviews
  • Ability to make a preliminary diagnosis based on the automated interview algorithm
  • Shorter registration time due to automated forms filled out by patients at home
  • Used technologies



    The application operates fluidly and boasts remarkable accuracy in predicting diagnoses through its artificial intelligence mechanisms, significantly enhancing doctors' work. Vinci Medicine features an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible even to older patients. Throughout our collaboration, the Da Vinci Studio team demonstrated not only technical expertise but also the ability to comprehend our needs. (...) It is this approach that distinguishes Da Vinci Studio as a trustworthy business partner.

    Marek Wróbel, CEO of Biel-Med Sp. z o.o., Szpital pod Bukami 4.9

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