Can people who are new to programming count on a place in the industry? It is true that having experience is a great asset. The IT industry is no exception. Does this mean that a junior’s only job will be to brew coffee? What does it look like in terms of gender, do women have a chance in IT?

The power of novice programmers

The gender of programmers does not matter at all in terms of employment. Both men and women are interested in working in IT. The secret power of people who are just starting out is, above all, commitment.

Beginning programmers are eager and quick to learn. They are equally eager to declare their willingness to work. And what attracts them is not at all team-building trips or fun zones in the company, but the opportunity for real professional development under the mentorship of colleagues who have more experience.

Junior Developer IT job for beginners

Most often, people who are new to IT start in large companies. Thus, the first job in the IT sector allows you to get acquainted with the environment and dynamics of the operation. Even if your experience is relatively limited, large companies will most likely have no problem putting you under the care and mentoring of IT professionals.

It’s hard to require a beginner to have his resume bursting at the seams. Gaining experience is a process. However, it’s worth remembering that IT is not just programmers. There is room for non-programming professions as well. And those are: helpdesk support staff and project managers.

I am a woman. Do I have a chance in IT?

Working in IT, like any other job has its stereotypes. Especially those concerning gender, which like most stereotypes have nothing to do with reality. The 3 biggest myths of the industry are:

  1. Technology is a man’s field, so men are more competent.
  2. IT work is not compatible with family life.
  3. Women are not interested in technology.

Stereotypes influence women’s lack of self-confidence, and it is these stereotypes that make women less likely to reach for positions in IT. Fortunately, our society is constantly transforming, and myths are being dispelled by courageous women who consciously choose the path of their own interests. Operating in the IT environment does not have to be an obstacle to family life. After all, it provides numerous opportunities for remote work, which has been further highlighted by the pandemic outbreak.

IT job opportunities – what competencies are in demand?

In addition to technical competencies, soft competencies are also very important. Among which can be mentioned:

  • The ability to function as part of a team, cooperate and discuss various possibilities,
  • The ability to identify with the company’s values and apply them to daily work,
  • ability to work under time pressure.

In addition to various tasks in the IT environment, there are also various problems that often require immediate action and finding effective solutions. It’s a job in which efficiency is as important as the ability to communicate among other team members.

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September 7, 2022 IT industry