The process of software development is complex, and thus involves many steps and activities. Many people mistakenly think that this process begins with writing code. The initial phase is actually the design phase, which is one of the most important stages of software development. Before the programmer starts, programming is necessary, design and planning. What does the software development process look like at Da Vinci Studio?

Dedicated software development cycle – design and planning stage

Although the software development cycle is divided into many stages, the initial one is the design phase. This is the stage that allows us to get to know the client’s requirements in order to develop the objectives to be fulfilled by the software based on them. At this stage of application development, we need to plan the purpose to be fulfilled by the software.

We design the functionality of the software and the user interface. At this stage, a design specification document is also created, which is the basis for the next stages of our work and for selecting the appropriate methodology. The project is done in consultation and transparent communication with the stakeholder.

Software development process – code analysis and implementation

Once the first stage is completed, the team analyzes and looks at the architecture of the project. The next step of custom software development is the implementation stage. In this phase, developers write code according to the guidelines of the design specification. At this stage of software development, we can track individual activities, eliminate possible incidents, and test various possibilities.

This is also a good opportunity to find out what else we can do for better and more efficient software that will meet the requirements of the client and users. At Da Vinci Studio, we use an iterative model of operation, so we can continuously improve the software during the development process. During the implementation phase, we implement software modules using a variety of techniques.

Programmer in testing phase – we check the effectiveness of the application

In the case of tailor-made software, the overall management of the development process is important. A software company, after writing the code, moves to the testing phase. This is exactly how we operate at Da Vinci Studio, and our clients can observe the software development life cycle at every stage of development. We provide regular feedback because we know the importance of clear communication at every stage of the process. This is a basic condition leading to the client receiving a finished product tailored to their needs.

Once the code is written, we proceed to multi-level testing of the software. All this is done to make sure that the program works according to the Customer’s requirements, and that there are no errors or defects in it. This is an extremely important stage, as it allows us to eliminate possible problems that may affect the quality of the application. We go through both manual tests and automated tests. Very often, already at the stage of building the infrastructure of the program, we are able to identify potential problems and eliminate them before they occur.

Da Vinci Studio plan and program implementation with us

As you can see, the programming process is characterized by great complexity and consists of several stages. Its final element is implementation. In this phase, we install programs and applications on a server or in the cloud. We then proceed to retest and release the program to end users so they can start using the application. We conduct training for employees so they know how to work with the new software.

Da Vinci Studio – we tailor-make for your business

Developing tailor-made programs is a complex process with many components. And each of them requires proper planning, organization and programming skills. At Da Vinci Studio, we work in such a way that we eliminate unexpected errors on an ongoing basis and provide clients, highly optimized programs and applications. The software is not only to work quickly and efficiently, but also to actively support our clients’ businesses with technology.

Da Vinci Studio’s team consists of positive programmers and specialists with knowledge and years of experience in the IT industry. Contact us to find out how we work and how we can support your business.

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