Developing web applications is a complex process that requires not only knowledge and years of experience, but also, increasingly, the right software. Today, technologies are available that greatly speed up the process of developing web applications. These are referred to as frameworks. These are systems that allow you to create functional web applications on demand. In this article we will take a closer look at them and learn about some of the most important frameworks. We invite you to read on!

Before we get into specifics, it is worth explaining what frameworks actually are. They are sometimes colloquially referred to as software for developing software. And there is a lot of truth in this statement. Frameworks help speed up the work of a web developer, as they consist of sets of libraries and components that provide a ready-made set of functions that can be used when creating a new IT product. Often a ready-made template can also be used for further work. With the help of a framework, a web developer is able to deliver finished applications in much less time than if he had to program them from scratch. As a result, developers do not need to be especially encouraged to use frameworks, and the number of frameworks itself is increasing every year.

Frameworks are divided according to their purpose (to build web or mobile applications, to handle the back end or front end layer) and the language they work on (other frameworks work with Java and others with PHP). When we talk about online technologies (which behave and work similarly to a regular website), it is worth mentioning some of the most important frameworks. Here they are.

Framework allows you to program web applications – ready library and code to go

Of course, there are a lot of these frameworks, but we have selected three solutions that are valued in the market and eagerly used in 2022 and secondly, offer a lot of useful features and solutions to make work easier.


Angular is one of the most well-known and extensive frameworks for front end layer development. Initially this framework was based on JavaScript programming language, but since 2016 it uses TypeScript. Angular has a large user base and is appreciated all over the world. It is eagerly used to develop not only applications, but also websites. We have devoted a separate article on our blog to the topic of Angular, if you want to know more about it – feel free to read!


This is another extremely popular framework. Vue.js is lightweight and has numerous tools and features for creating functional user interfaces (UIs). What’s especially important, this framework is easy to use and its operation can be learned even by someone with little experience in web development. In addition, Vue.js allows you to easily integrate with other digital solutions, so you don’t have to abandon the technologies you already use. Read more about Vue.js on our blog.


Django is a framework that uses the programming language Python. It is sometimes referred to as the best Python framework. It is distinguished from the other two by the fact that it can be used to create both the back end and front end of web applications. Even the largest companies on the market are eager to use Django (Instagram, for example, uses it), because it works well regardless of the scale of the project being implemented and has the support of a huge community of developers from all over the world. To learn more, read our article: Web applications in Python – is it a good choice?

Other frameworks worth looking into include React, Ruby on Rails and Laravel.

Of course, in this article we merely highlighted the topic of frameworks and web application development. If you are planning to create such an application – feel free to contact us! Da Vinci Studio team will be happy to help you realize your vision – from start to finish. With a great team of web developers, we can create virtually any web project. We will be happy to provide you with more details and take up a quote for your order!

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