As you know from many of our blog posts, a web application should be polished down to the smallest detail. Only this way your software has a chance to gain favor with users and win in this difficult market. Whenever you create a web product, you should see if it lives up to your hopes and is functional. This is done primarily through various types of testing. In this article, we’ll show you how a web application should be tested to make sure it meets not only business objectives but also the needs of future users.

Today, web applications are often really powerful and enable a wide range of functionality. This is possible thanks to advanced technologies for creating such applications and flexible programming languages (e.g. PHP) and frameworks (e.g. Angular) for developing applications. And while there are many types of applications and they serve different purposes, before “releasing an application to the market” it is important to check that it is functional, that it fulfills its purpose and that the user interface is user-friendly and easy to use.

How to test web applications?

Any online application test should include six key elements. These are:


At this stage, it is important to answer the question: does the application work exactly as it is designed? Are all the solutions available to achieve the main purpose of the application? Do all elements work properly, and do the interactions fulfill their function?


Is the application easy to use (even for less technical users)? Are all elements easily visible and easy to click on? Is the app’s structure easy to understand for a new user and well thought out? Finally – is the font easy to read and the messages easy to understand?


Every web application should behave like a website. This means that it should allow you to log in and use the application on any device, regardless of the browser or operating system.


Although web applications have been developed mainly for users of desktop devices, a good web application will also work smoothly on a mobile device (smartphone and tablet). In this respect, it should be treated exactly the same as a mobile application.


There’s no denying it, today no one has patience for apps that run slowly or have technical errors. Your application should be technically reliable and run as fast as possible. This may mean optimizing the code of such an application or giving up some of the elements that are unnecessary and only slow it down.


Finally, the application should guarantee secure storage and processing of personal data. Make sure that you only collect data that is actually necessary for the operation of your product and provide sufficient protection to guarantee the comfort and safety of your customers.

If you want to make sure that your app will work properly and securely and provide full functionality to users, make sure to test it comprehensively before you decide to publish it online. If you need support in testing the applications you are currently working on – our team is at your service. We will be happy to take a look at your application and make sure it is properly tested. If necessary, we also provide comprehensive support in creating and updating your digital products.

We look forward to working with you!

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