Application – a technological friend of your company

We use tons of apps every day. Often we don’t even realize it. Browsers, office software, communicators, shopping and payment tools… Each of these solutions allows free communication between the user and the computer. Using an application, an individual user has access to many powerful functionalities that make everyday life easier.

Transferring this knowledge to the professional field, you will have a technological friend for your company. Tailor-made mobile and web applications not only support the development of your company but also increase its competitiveness and ensure smooth operations. Depending on your needs, the application can be:

  • designed for offline use,
  • web-based (works on the web),
  • mobile (used on smartphones and tablets).

What is a web application?

Web application is a program that runs in a browser. Internet access is required to run it. Many customers wonder how a web application differs from a regular website. The difference is hard to see with the naked eye, but some services offered by the website allow verification.

If a website is only informative, based only on HTML and CSS, and is devoid of additional functionality – it is not an application. If the site has document generators or extensive features (such as login and registration), you are dealing with an application.

Smartphone apps from the inside out

Applications for mobile devices are installed on smartphones and tablets. There are different types of apps as follows:

  • Native apps – are implemented for the chosen platform using a dedicated programming language. JavaScript is used for Android, while Swift and Objective-C for iOS.
  • Hybrid apps – are developed independently of the system. Such applications run on both systems and save time and resources.

Web app or phone software?

The choice depends primarily on the needs of your business.  Both types of applications support the development of the company and give the possibility to create fully customized software, giving a competitive advantage. In the world of modern technologies it is worth taking advantage of all the possibilities.

A website equipped with applications is not only a marketing support, but also a real support for business development, streamlining the processes in your company. On the other hand, applications for the phone can help manage work inside the company or interact with external users (your customers). Your company’s needs can be realized in many ways with web and mobile applications.

Do personalized solutions make sense?

The mobile app market is brimming with off-the-shelf programs, but the advantage of a bespoke app is that it is fully customizable to your business needs. Apps available on Google Play or App Store have limited capabilities. These types of applications require the user to provide data to other entities. So by downloading them, you are agreeing to security vulnerabilities that can have their serious consequences.

By opting for off-the-shelf solutions:

  • you will not create anything new and innovative,
  • you will limit yourself to the possibilities offered by the application,
  • you will agree to security loopholes (the magic message “I agree to data processing”),
  • you will not build the competitiveness of your company,

Da Vinci Studio: custom made, the only limit is your imagination

At Da Vinci Studio we provide personalized solutions. We create applications and software whose main task is to increase the profitability of our clients’ businesses. Our primary value is functionality which goes hand in hand with a clear and friendly interface. Positive Da Vinci Studio programmers are enthusiastic about new challenges.

Still have doubts? Let’s resolve them together during workshops conducted by the event storming method. This is the time of incredible ideas and effective work on a project. Contact us and let’s do something great together! 🙂

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