In the first step we talk about your expectations. We create a common vision of the product and discover its functionalities. This is also the stage where we discuss goals, problems and all the details related to the project.

implementation of the workshop

We write down all the events that will occur in the system on colored, self-adhesive pieces of paper and place them on a board designed for this purpose. During workshops we do not use technical vocabulary, but we use the language from the client's business domain. Our goal is for each participant to understand the issues and problems raised during the meeting.

analytical work

Event Storming will provide the basis for creating a report and documentation, which are necessary for further implementation of the project. A thorough analysis of the conclusions collected during the workshop awaits our team. We create a definition of risks and determine ways of their mitigation, write functional and technological recommendations, create project documentation in the form of user stories and documentation of events on a timeline.


In the next step, we will provide you with complete project documentation along with a projected quote for subsequent work. If you decide to further cooperate on the project with Da Vinci Studio - we will select the best team and start programming work.

Who will run your workshop?

In Da Vinci Studio analytical workshops are conducted by respected experts in this field. One of them is Mariusz Gil - software architect, trainer, ex-CTO, a man associated with the IT industry for over 20 years.

"At Da Vinci Studio, we use Event Storming to engage entire teams and help you achieve your organization's goals. We are happy to help you tailor the format of the workshop to meet the needs of your organization and team."

mariusz gil

Mariusz Gil

Event Storming Expert at Da Vinci Studio


Advantages of Event Storming



Interaction between the world of IT and business. Thanks to meetings involving people from different fields, it is possible to exchange knowledge faster and map the technical business needs of the client more easily.

speed and efficiency


Event Storming is a serious step towards reducing the time it takes to turn in a finished product. Just one day of hard, creative and passionate work is enough to achieve something that usually takes long weeks.



After the workshop you will receive a projected project valuation. In addition, we will provide a definition of risks and ways to mitigate them, functional and technological recommendations, project documentation in the form of User Stories and documentation of events on a timeline.