Vinci Rithms is your reliable assistant. Every month, week, or even day, companies in the shipping industry receive hundreds – and some even thousands – of different inquiries per day. The biggest players even receive tens of thousands of these emails a month! What they have in common is that they are unstructured, so there is no single, coherent form. It’s hardly surprising – after all they are written by people, not machines. Meanwhile different formats of such messages make their automation practically impossible, which in effect generates more time needed for analysis and processing of information from such message.

Vinci Rithms – Your Digital Assistant

The secret of success lies in efficient separation of the wheat from the chaff. Therefore an ideal solution is a tool capable of capturing key elements contained in e-mails which are indispensable for preparing a quotation. Only thanks to such smart sifting it is possible to generate a precise response to customer’s inquiry much faster by means of software integrated with Vinci Rithms [e.g. Quotiss]. The result is, on one hand, a significant saving of time you (or your people) would spend on analyzing each of the issues and, on the other hand, less errors and no problems with human resources [training, rotation, l4, replacements or vacations]. These are the main assumptions which guided the creation of Vinci Rithms.  

How does it work?

The inquiry is sent to a message reading engine, which then automatically extracts the data. The most important elements of the inquiry are then automatically added to the customer’s ordering system, allowing you to send a tailored quote.

Machine learning allows Vinci Rithms to perform an in-depth analysis of each inquiry received by your company. Extracting the most relevant parameters from the content of an email guarantees precise planning of further stages of the process. To be clear, our tool doesn’t create an offer itself, but helps in this task by extracting the most important parameters from emails, which come to a salesman’s mailbox. The algorithm processes the inquiries, which allows you to fully automate the whole process using quoting tools. 

Software as service – what is it?

Vinci Rithms was created in a SaaS model, which is worth talking about. 

Software as a service model is based on transferring software previously installed on a disk to the cloud. The main advantage of this solution is the ability to use applications regardless of where you are (provided that you have access to the Internet). Using the Saas model you can be confident about the whole software with application data, because they are in the service provider. You, as a user, get access to all necessary elements after concluding a subscription agreement. It is therefore a solution which ensures data security, relieves the company equipment and significantly reduces expenses on hardware and other expenses which accompany the use of the classic model.  

Vinci Rithms – why is it worth it?

Vinci Rithms PL

Vinci Rithms is your reliable assistant. The ability to organize incoming data enables you to generate quick and precise answers to queries formulated in any form. This results in shorter response time to customer inquiries. This means a substantial optimization of the process for customers (both in terms of time and cost) and a significant increase in the quality of offered services.  

An additional advantage can be the fact that Vinci Rithms does not operate in a vacuum. The solution integrates with other channels such as chatbots, voice bots or forms.

All in all, analyzing requests for proposals has never been easier and the proposal development process has never been faster! Vinci Rithms works for you around the clock, every day, which not only increases the efficiency of your business, but also the level of satisfaction of your customers. Contact us and optimize up to 80% of your working time.

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