What are the types of mobile applications? What are the differences between them? Does the type of app determine how it will be used? Why do dedicated apps have the highest functionality? What are the risks of using apps commonly available on google play?

Mobile application – a phrase devoid of a single meaning

Mobile application do not have one assigned meaning. Mainly because we have different types of applications for mobile devices. They are divided into three main types:

  • web-based,
  • native,
  • hybrid.

Each of the solutions has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, undoubtedly the most popular solutions are those whose design is based on User Experience. These are the ones that take into account the needs of a specific target group in the context of diverse user preferences.

Web application – a mobile program that requires an internet connection

A web application is any mobile program that requires a connection to the Internet. A web application can be created in very different programming languages (e.g. Java), but with mechanisms such as CGI, ASP.NET.

Native programs – or what kind of programs?

Native applications are those that do not require an Internet connection. They are created with a specific operating system in mind and written from the beginning in a programming language appropriate to it. In the case of iOS it is Objective S, for Android it is Java, and for WindowsPhone it is C#. Among native applications, you can find programs for data organization, scheduling, various calendars, notepads, or graphical editors.

Hybrid applications – a close-knit duo

Hybrid applications are a composite of web and native applications. Although they have many such functions that require a network connection, but at the same time have solutions that work offline. Using this solution allows you to increase the potential of smartphones in web applications, while using libraries to support access to some functions that do not require a network connection.

How do hybrid apps differ from native apps?

A properly written hybrid application should not differ noticeably from a native one – including in terms of appearance. Its development time is significantly shorter than that of a native application. The difference is that we write the application once, and it is available on 3 operating systems.

In a native app, you need as many as 3 different apps written in Objective-C (iOS), Java (Android) and C# (Windows Phone). In a hybrid there is no such need, so the cost of writing it is incomparably less.

Use of mobile applications – when do they come in handy?

Mobile applications can also be divided according to their purpose. They can be: social networking, shopping apps, financial apps, sports apps, navigation apps, multimedia apps, apps for reading and listening to books, etc. Applications for mobile devices have a very wide range of uses. Today, the only limitation is really imagination.

Demand for mobile applications is growing steadily. They facilitate remote work, increase the fluidity of work and allow the company to automate processes. An optimized, tailor-made application allows you to take care of security issues and stand out from the competition.

Aren’t apps from google play enough?

If you’re looking for a mobile app for your business, it’s worth bearing in mind that cheap or free, widely available solutions – very often have security vulnerabilities. In free apps, several entities are usually responsible for app security. There is no way to be sure that your company’s data will be processed securely. You also don’t always know who to turn to if abuse occurs.

Another major downside of common solutions is that they do not provide competitiveness. If an application is simply downloaded and it is available to everyone – it is very likely that your competitors are also using it. Commonly available apps are limited in functionality, they are not able to adapt to the needs of your business the way a dedicated app can.

Da Vinci Studio: dedicated mobile applications

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January 4, 2023 Mobile Applications