JavaScript, Java, Python or PHP? What are the popular web application programming languages and which programming language to choose? What to follow when choosing a technology?

JavaScript – the most popular programming language?

JavaScript is very popular because of its wide range of applications. The language covers web and mobile application development. And it has many frameworks and libraries that facilitate the application development process. Among the most recognizable can be mentioned: React Native, Angular, Vua or Gatsby.

JavaScript is perfect for creating web pages and dynamic elements. It is also helpful for creating games using HTML5. The language is also often used to create server-side applications, using the Node.js environment. The language is also used to program mobile games or android applications.

Python – the undisputed king of machine learning and data science

Python is considered one of the most modern programming languages, and one of the most popular languages for writing applications. Its biggest advantages are clarity and intuitiveness. Python is a programming language designed for source code clarity and convenience.

It is eagerly used by programmers in various fields, and now especially by those working in areas such as data science and machine learning. According to a Stack Overflow survey, Python is currently the most desired language to learn.

Python – the application of technology

Python works well for both web development and system programming, providing the ability to create system administration tools. It is perfect for database development, game programming, or artificial intelligence, and machine learning solutions.

Java technology – the most popular programming languages

Java is a high-level programming language that is most often used when writing web applications (backend). The language is easily ported and interpreted by the Java Virtual Machine.

The main advantages of this technology are its high level of security and speed. Java is most often used in corporations and larger companies, by being able to run on Linux and Windows systems.

PHP solution for web development

PHP is a language that is great for developing web applications. It is fast and efficient, and saves costs. It is open source, and you can use the language’s resources for free. By choosing this way of programming, you can significantly reduce the cost of the entire project. Facebook, which is an international giant, has grown up on this language.

The language works well for developing websites and functional web applications. The language also has its uses in B2B, B2C and internal systems. Progressive applications are also created with it, as well as CMS, and e-commerce platforms. The use of PHP also makes it possible to handle databases.

How to select technologies for a project?

The choice of technology is of great importance and very often determines the success or failure of a project. If you do not know what technology to choose and what to follow when choosing – leave this decision to specialists. Our task is to select from among the various languages exactly those that will meet expectations and have high optimality. Our secret power is to create dedicated, optimized, aesthetic, and functional solutions.

Da Vinci Studio: tailor-made applications for your business

At Da Vinci Studio we create dedicated web applications for your business from scratch. We tailor solutions regardless of whether you represent an enterprise or a small startup. Thanks to our cooperation with numerous startups, we can offer you the best practices and technology that will work for your idea.

How do we work – what can you expect?

At Da Vinci Studio, we will first define mutual expectations and needs, and then proceed to programming. You can expect testing, training, handover of documentation and implementation process. We also provide post-implementation support under SLAs or occasional contracts.  Contact us and see what we can do for you. Remember, we like challenges and are eager to take on new tasks.

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