The back-end of an application or website is the part of the software that runs on the server side, so the standard user does not have direct access to it and will most likely never see it. In the simplest terms, we can say that the role of the back-end is to make sure that the application or website works properly. What does this actually mean and what is the responsibility of a JavaScript backend developer? Let’s find out. 

Front-end and back-end are two of the most common terms you may encounter if you decide to develop your website or web application. Front-end refers to everything that Internet users see and interact with. Back-end development, on the other hand, is responsible for transferring and processing data in the system, as well as writing and reading it into the database. The data is then made available through an API and presented to the user – which is already the frontend layer. Of course, when comparing IT specialists, one can’t leave out Full Stackers, i.e. people who deal with both the graphical representation of the website and the back end of the application – the server or databases.

The most popular user interface languages include HTML, CSS and JavaScript, while the main backend languages are Java, Ruby on Rails, Python, Node.js, JavaScript or PHP. Note that JavaScript is a technology that is used for both the front-end and the backend of web projects. Take a moment to understand what this entails.

Both the front and backend are written in JavaScript

Web front-end developers use JavaScript to dynamically create web services and applications. JavaScript is a great tool for tasks such as validating submission forms or updating specific pieces of page content without having to update the entire page at the same time. Without JS, the Internet would be filled with sites that simply display text.

Backend developers, on the other hand, use a subcategory of JavaScript called Node.js to create a backend architecture. The Node.js framework allows developers to handle data updates from the frontend and build scalable web products capable of processing multiple simultaneous user requests, among other things.

Thinking about learning programming?

If you intend to tie your future to software engineering, knowledge of JS is crucial. You can find this out if you look at any example of a job posting in the programming category. It is a very important programming language that is a basic part of a web developer’s toolkit, regardless of whether you want to specialize in frontend or backend code development. Knowledge of this technology is especially important if you plan to develop a web application.

JS Backend Developer – web application expert

Until recently, the performance of mobile devices, like web browsers, was very limited. Developing native applications was therefore the only possible solution that provided acceptable performance. Smartphones and tablets, however, have been greatly improved over the past few years. Likewise, new functionality has been systematically introduced into browsers. As a result, native applications, which are expensive to build and maintain, are gradually being replaced by Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

Companies that want to develop with the latest IT solutions can now opt to develop dedicated web applications, which, like native applications, can also be used offline and access device features such as the camera or internal memory. Unsurprisingly, the market for business tools has been dominated by PWAs, the development of which requires knowledge of JavaScript.

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