How are mobile apps different from web apps? At first it may seem that they are one and the same. In reality, they have more separating them than uniting them. Especially if you consider the technologies through which they are created.

Is a web application synonymous with a website? What does it mean if an application is native, hybrid or PWA? Which is best to invest in and for what reason?

First things first, a web application

Web applications are otherwise known as programs that allow seamless communication between companies and their customers. They also support company processes, such as by facilitating internal communication or administrative activities.

A web application is known as software that can be accessed from a browser. To use it, you don’t need to install it on your computer. The appearance of the application adapts to the hardware being used. For a web application to work, 3 key elements are needed: a web server, an application server and a database. This type of application is created quickly and is compatible with any platform, updating automatically. Their main disadvantage, however, is that an Internet connection is necessary.

A phone app – how is it different from a web app?

As the name suggests, the app is designed for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). It can be immediately downloaded and installed via the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play (for Android). Although they resemble web apps in functionality, they are better adapted to the size of screens and the possibilities offered by mobile devices. The main advantage of this type of application, is that you can use the app without an Internet connection.

A native app is also a mobile app!

Developing a native application means creating one for a single mobile operating system. In this case, Java, Kotlin, Objective-C and Swift technologies are used. The biggest advantages of this type of application are:

  • high integration with the device,
  • performance and speed,
  • high UX and unique UI,
  • Internet-free operation,
  • diverse functionalities.

Its main disadvantage is the need to write separate code for each operating system. Installation on the phone is required, and creating such an application requires more time and cost.

What are hybrid applications?

A hybrid application combines both native and web application elements. When programming, HTML, CSS, or JavaScript technologies are used. It is then given the form of a native application. Simplifying, the application works just like a web application, but is downloaded and installed on hardware as native.

The most important advantage of this solution is that it can run simultaneously on different operating systems (on Android and iOS). The developer creates a single application that has a common part used on both platforms, as well as a part dedicated to a particular system.

Advantages and disadvantages of this solution

A hybrid application requires a smaller budget than a native application. Also advantages are fast deployment, simple maintenance and offline operation. And above all: one code for different platforms. Written and optimized, a hybrid app also has its downsides. It requires installation on the phone and is limited in native functionality. The hybrid app is also relatively inefficient with other powerful applications.

PWA – what is it?

This is the latest trend in the IT industry. PWAs are websites that have all the advantages of mobile apps. They look and behave like regular websites, but their functions are similar to native mobile apps. They use similar interface solutions, also work offline and can send push notifications. They can be saved on a given device. They cannot be downloaded from the store, but must be saved in the browser.

I still don’t know how to choose an application….

That’s okay. At Da Vinci Studio, we will help you make the optimal choice that will allow us to develop for you, exactly the application you need. We respect your time and budget, and at the same time we make sure that any solution applied – from the programming language to the smallest details – is tailor-made for you. Check out exactly what we do and contact us. We answer all messages and are happy to talk about the possibilities.

October 12, 2022 Web Applications