Focusing on current trends, we can see a significant increase in the interest in the use of the VR technology in marketing.
Virtual reality has a huge advertising potential, offering the perfect combination of advertising with entertainment as well as the ability to attract the full attention of the audience – mainly because the technology is constantly collecting bonus points for the freshness effect. Basically, VR is able to offer marketing without any barriers, where there is a chance to move away from the traditional ways of presenting products, even those that don’t yet physically exist.

One of the more interesting solutions include presentation and product testing. Thanks to the VR technology, making a film in 360 degrees allows to present the visual characteristics of the product and to verify its usefulness and functioning. This can be any product ranging from small household appliances to cars, apartments and all the way to whole buildings. With such presentation and the possibility of checking themselves how to use the product or service, more customers may become interested in purchasing. The VR technology could be particularly useful in the initial stages of launching a new product on the market.

An important aspect of marketing is also to show the production process – the recently popular storytelling can be raised to a new level thanks to VR. Each brand will have the opportunity to create their history or to educate the end-user in this way. Such treatments will pique the customers’ interest and build confidence, and eventually encourage them to buy, or in the case of for example events, to participate in the event.

Among the industries with the greatest potential for the use of the VR technology, we can point out real estate, mass events and trade fairs, hospitality, and many others that will be able to customise their offer in response to the specific requirements and the vision of a particular customer.

Currently, according to the Business Insider Intelligence report, the virtual reality market is worth $ 37 million, another company – Tractica – which examines the interactions between man and technology, claims that the market for virtual reality applications and accessories alone had already reached the value of $ 109 million in 2014. It is predicted that in the next 10 years, the value of the VR market – including not only hardware but also software – can reach even as much as $ 80 billion! Such a rapid development of the VR technology also creates opportunities for companies in Poland, especially in the area of applications and software for virtual reality.

The unusual user experience, multi-sensory stimulation and the fact that each project in VR technology has as for now a pioneering character in pretty much every industry, will make the entrepreneurs increasingly willing and more likely to reach for a solution of this type. The next few years will bring a real revolution, where the world will enter a new level. Virtual shopping, traveling around the world? Or virtual degree courses, training or a visit to the doctor? In the near future, we’ll see what else augmented reality is going to offers us. And it has a lot to offer because the possibilities of the VR technology today are almost unlimited.


September 7, 2016 Uncategorized
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