Of course, the super-ambitious boss can say that they will take care of the technological development of their company personally. Well, why not? After all, they have the appropriate knowledge and experience (well, at least they think so). However, this will not be a wise move. Why? Well, as a result of such a decision, it usually turns out that the task they have undertaken is beyond them – and in many fields. This is when the time comes to call a specialist – the CTO. 

The expert worth its weight in gold

It is hard to imagine implementing new technologies without the knowledge of the latest trends and proficiency in finding the best solutions. If there is no such a person at the company’s disposal, it is worth trying to find him? CTO, or Chief Technical Officer, is becoming a standard in technology companies that think seriously about themselves. A specialist with impressive technical knowledge, who can look at his segment through the prism of business and vice versa, is invaluable.

The CTO is not only full of expertise, but also an individual who knows how to lead a team and use his managerial skills.

What does the CTO actually do? 

Depending on the size of the company, the CTO’s competences will vary slightly. If we talk about a smaller company, their tasks will include programming and technological supervision of processes. In large entities their power will be proportionally greater. They will also become an organizer of all work related to the project and a link between the team and the CEO. A large software house needs a real multitasker, which on the one hand will gather information from working specialists, on the other hand will consult with the CEO and all interested parties and finally make important decisions on their own. Because of their rank the CTO can delegate tasks to other employees, focusing on making the most important decisions on their own. 

CTO, or external specialist

A company that has an excellent idea for a new product but does not have enough knowledge to realize it is an ideal customer for a CTO outsourcing company. Similarly, a startup with the initial application ready, but which requires a serious technological upgrade. An experienced external expert will not only help to create the product, but also convince the investors (effectively introducing them to technical complexities).

Someone will ask why not hire a full-time CTO? Wouldn’t it be a good idea for an ambitious company? Well, not necessarily. The argument against creating such a position within the company’s structures is – economics. Not only startups, but also fully developed, market-relevant players want to avoid additional costs. Such financial flexibility, let’s call it, is possible when we pay only for those services that are necessary at the moment. A full-time employee is, as we all know, a fixed cost associated with creating and maintaining a new position. However, there is another problem associated with this, which can be described in one word: airtightness. A man who is incorporated into a single structure, even if he is the greatest professional in the industry, eventually begins to breathe the same “technological air”. Meanwhile, a company that wants to be competitive must have access to new knowledge drawn from many, even the most unexpected places. An expert from the outside is a fresh blood and objective advisor who can draw a team of programmers out of the comfort zone and throw them into a technical world they may not have realized. So it is a benefit for everyone. 

CaaS (CTO as a service) is one form of cooperation with an external CTO that is worth considering. Its model is as follows: the entrepreneur hires an expert to help solve technical issues and support the project development. Outsourcing a CTO enables cooperation on flexible terms. The expert will only be there when his presence proves necessary. So it can be a whole day, but also several hours a week.

Good CTO – who is it?

The technological revolution is a process that will never end, and an entrepreneur dealing with IT issues will not be able to rest on their laurels. It is a continuous run or even a sprint, which, although exciting, can be extremely exhausting. Then you are only one step away from a more or less spectacular disaster. Deciding to outsource the CTO, the company protects itself against the prospect of such an overturn. A professional who will not only lead the company painlessly through this revolutionary fire, but in the best case scenario will help to light it up is the hero who saves the day before it breaks down.

What else can you say about a good CTO? He is certainly a real professional who can marry technology with business like no one else because he understands both of them perfectly. He is not only a technical man, but also a financial man, who is equally proficient in issues related to sales strategies or even marketing. He is also a mentor with broad interpersonal skills, who is able to integrate the team into one, harmoniously cooperating with each other. The CTO creates vision, takes care of product development and inspires.

CTO from Da Vinci Studio

Da Vinci Studio believes in the powerful role of outsourcing the CTO as a specialist developing companies operating in technology industries. We have taken it to heart, so we do our best to become not only specialists in this field, but also a model for the whole industry. It is worth checking us out: cto.davinci-studio.com


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