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The medical industry is facing numerous IT challenges. There is an ongoing demand for optimization of solutions and automation of processes within many medical firms. At Da Vinci Studio, we are an experienced business partner who deeply understands the intricacies of the MedTech sector. By combining your business knowledge with our programming expertise, we are capable of devising effective concepts and efficiently bringing them to life, providing innovative solutions for your MedTech company. We have developed several medical solutions ourselves, including Vinci Medicine and Da Vinci Medica.


Advantages of collaboration

Experienced partner

You are in good hands. Da Vinci Studio has been in business since 2009 and such a period has allowed us to gather valuable experience, great specialists and develop proven processes.

Expert support

We combine IT expertise with specialized medical knowledge, offering support and consultations for cases that require expert insight, providing additional benefits.

Cross-domain approach

As a software company, we use experience and solutions familiar to us from other areas for the needs of MedTech (e.g., innovations in IoT, education, machine learning, or artificial intelligence)

case study - Vinci medicine

Example implementation

Da Vinci Studio has developed Vinci Medicine, an intelligent preliminary diagnosis system that conducts patient interviews and optimizes the process from the doctor's perspective. By informing the patient early about the need for tests tailored to the symptoms reported during automatic registration, the visit time is optimized. The appointment duration is reduced, allowing the doctor to handle a greater number of patients.

How does it work?
1. Patient completes a questionnaire
2. Symptom matching to potential conditions through an algorithm
3. Preliminary diagnosis
4. Determination of potential further treatment path
5. Scheduling an in-person visit or teleconsultation

See case study
The 3 primary benefits of implementing an automation process:
Process Improvement

up to 70% reduction in registration and referral/prescription time through process automation.

Interview offloading

by utilizing automated forms filled out by patients at home, the duration of the medical visit is shortened

Preliminary diagnosis

based on the algorithm of automated interviews, diagnoses and pre-medical advice are rapidly generated

Understanding the needs of the medical industry

The application operates fluidly and boasts remarkable accuracy in predicting diagnoses through its artificial intelligence mechanisms, significantly enhancing doctors' work. Vinci Medicine features an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible even to older patients. Throughout our collaboration, the Da Vinci Studio team demonstrated not only technical expertise but also the ability to comprehend our needs. (...) It is this approach that distinguishes Da Vinci Studio as a trustworthy business partner.

Marek Wróbel, CEO of Biel-Med Sp. z o.o., Szpital pod Bukami

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1.Needs Analysis

After submitting your inquiry, you will be contacted by our office, and we will initially ask about the challenges and problems. It is very important for us to have a thorough understanding of your needs so that we can determine whether there is common ground. If so, we will schedule a convenient time to talk with the Technical Director.

2.Free consultation with the CTO

We will invite you to a 30-minute conversation with our CTO, where you will freely discuss any topic related to the IT challenges your company is facing. Our CTO will recommend next steps based on his experience and knowledge.


We will analyze all the information we gained from you during our communication so far. We will then come back with an offer and a proposal for further action to be taken. Continuation of cooperation will depend on your decision.

4.Kickoff Meeting

At this stage, we will submit your project for implementation. We will select a team consisting of exactly the specialists you need. We will also select a Project Manager to oversee the implementation work.

5.Project launch

We are actively working on your web application, solving problems and optimizing processes on an ongoing basis to deliver a quality and functional final product that meets your expectations.


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