Machine learning – what is it?

Machine learning is a part of the sciences dealing with one of the most important issues of modernity, namely artificial intelligence. The primary goal of activities around ML is to create a system that will be able to improve on its own, using the experience gained up until now. Human participation in the evolution of machines is therefore to be reduced to a minimum, and eventually completely eliminated. Today, we no longer ask if it is possible, but we wonder when we will achieve perfection in this area.

Machine learning during COVID-19

The COVID-19 epidemic proved to be a great test for organizations implementing artificial intelligence into the functioning of the most important areas related to health care and even agriculture. It turns out that in times of war with an invisible enemy, machine learning can be a valuable weapon in human hands.

Machine learning will save our lives?

Healthcare institutions and government organizations are currently using machine learning chatbots for non-contact screening of COVID-19 symptoms. This solution also helps them get answers to questions asked by information-seeking citizens. An excellent example is the French start-up, whose chatbot supports people in reaching official government information about coronavirus. The program uses real-time information provided by the French government and the World Health Organization – they allow it to assess known symptoms and formulate answers to users’ questions. At the moment the chatbot is used by French cities such as Strasbourg, Orleans and Nanterre.

In China, Machine learning and artificial intelligence help track people leaving ground zero. By analyzing air traffic, machines are able to predict where new infections may soon appear. Companies such as BlueDot, among others, use AI to forecast new outbreaks based on a range of data from different sources. This information helps government organizations take the right steps to stop the spread of the virus.

Symptom-checkers, i.e. chatbots using machine learning to constantly “keep up with” the pandemic, have become extremely popular. The applications are constantly learning, using a continuous stream of data. But it is not that simple! The problem with COVID-19 is that there is relatively little data on the virus. Current applications (e.g. Your.MD) use decision making schemes to assess the potential of the disease as precisely as possible. The accuracy of these predictions increases with the publication of further scientific studies on COVID-19.

Machine learning in Vinci Rithms

Every month shipping companies receive several thousand new inquiries. These messages are not structured in any way, and what is worse, each of them is sent in a different format. Such chaos makes it impossible to automate, prolonging the process of processing the inquiries, which in effect reduces the possibility of potential earnings for the company. Here comes Vinci Rithms – the newest child of Da Vinci Studio.

We offer a brand new tool using machine learning to identify the key elements necessary to prepare a valuation. Thanks to the connection with the company’s offer system, Vinci Rithms will enable generating an automatic response to the client, which will result in a fully automated offer process.

The mechanism of Vinci Rithms can be illustrated by the following cycle:

  1.  the forwarding company receives a request for proposal,
  2.  the message reader mechanism comes into play,
  3.  the program performs an automatic data extraction,
  4.  the customer orders are automatically added to the system,
  5.  The customer receives a precise offer according to his request.

Simple, right?

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