Economic argument

Minimizing expenses is one of the elements that does not have to be explained to any entrepreneur. After all, it is the element that has the strongest impact on the company’s financial situation. Why is it an economic approach of running a business to hire a specialist from the outside? After all, a good specialist is not cheap! And should not be! The secret of saving is hidden in… everyday expenses! By subtracting the costs of operating office space, purchasing new equipment and other materials necessary for permanent stationary work, the company is able to save quite a considerable amount of money. And that’s without compromising the quality of the tasks performed! Outsourcing is used by companies that carry out specific projects with a limited budget. In such a case, hiring a full-time programmer or, what is worse, hiring and then firing professionals does not make any sense. Outsourcing works where you need to perform a specific task in a short time. Do we need additional people to work on the project? We can hire them! In order to streamline and speed up the execution of an important project, we use external programmers, who will focus exclusively on the designated goal.

Hire an outside professional

The very recruitment of programmers to be employed full-time is also a considerable expense of money and time. Often finding the right person for a particular place borders almost on a miracle. The problem also arises at the recruitment stage. It often happens that people interviewing candidates are not able to assess whether a candidate is really suitable for a specific position. When we reach for the outsourcing option, we take off the necessity of completing formalities related to the employment process. The programmers work for an outsourcing company, on whose side all the duties of the employer lie. We are then able to focus on the highest possible performance of the task. Outsourcing specialists also means a constant flow of new inspirations, skills and fresh knowledge. Access to such minds not only from the whole country, but also from the continent and even the world is an important step in the development of the company.

It’s easier with outsourcing

The overworked team of programmers does not bode well for project development. Tasks can be performed inaccurately or can hardly be delivered on time. Outsourcing will allow the company’s employees to focus on their priorities and current activities.

Outsourcing – what to watch out for

When deciding on the outsourcing of programmers, it is worth noting a few important elements that may determine the quality and, consequently, profitability of such a collaboration. The first one has already been mentioned – it is often misunderstood savings. Suppose that if we want to get a really attractive price, we will let ourselves be tempted by programmers, who will be much cheaper than their colleagues. How can we then be sure that this “economic” movement will not be synonymous with the poor quality of their work? Well, there are ways to test it! The most basic is to get references and make contact with the companies that had hired the programmers. This step will allow us to assess whether the specialists’ skills correlate with our expectations. Another popular way is to assign a small project to be done in order to verify skills.

Often Polish companies decide to outsource programmers from abroad – not only from Ukraine, but also from other regions of the world. Elements to pay attention to when deciding on this form of collaboration are the differences in time, culture or language. It should be remembered that improper understanding of the instructions from the people performing the task can cost us a lot. Without proper preparation for this type of collaboration, don’t do it!

The last, and at the same time the biggest risk we would like to draw attention to is the security of information passed on to outside people. When establishing a collaboration with people who are not full-time employees of our company, we should make every effort to make the data concerning software as secure as possible.


Having looked again at all the pros and cons of outsourcing we have managed to gather in this text, we can say that option number one definitely wins. Outsourcing of programmers is not only an opportunity to save money, which can be spent on the development of the company, but also a chance to improve the level of services by drawing valuable knowledge and experience from outside specialists. What’s more, by giving them specific responsibilities, we allow our people to focus on the implementation of what is needed „on the spot”!

August 26, 2020 Developers outsourcing
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