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Da Vinci Medica is an internal project of Da Vinci Studio, whose aim was to create an automatic system for the analysis of public bids, price changes and the emergence of trends. The system focuses on the analysis of data on public procurement related to health care.

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Implementation details - project description


The biggest challenge was the continuous collection of non-systematic data and content published on the websites of hospitals and other public institutions related to health care.


Da Vinci Medica uses advanced machine learning scripts to design a solution that will allow the use of big data for control and stable management of successful health care. One of the most important elements of the analysis process is the proper preparation of data for analysis, therefore the developed system enables quick and convenient access to reliable data, content and analyses, which have undergone a careful verification process.


The selected materials can be exported to CSV and MS Excel and PDF formats with ready-made charts for further, more advanced work.The system, on the basis of the saved relevant data, selects specific content and informs about new data in the selected range, which allows to have always up-to-date knowledge about the market. The project is under the patronage of Lazarski University's Institute of Management in the Health Service, whose mission is to undertake research efforts to improve the effectiveness of health care in Poland. We have also created a mobile application that supports the work of Da Vinci Medica field analysts, who collect materials on a daily basis about auctions and create photo documentation in hospitals.

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Thanks to Da Vinci Studio’s support and readiness to invest in our relationship, we were able to accelerate work on our product and attract the first customer to choose our sourcing system.

Szymon Tochowicz, Managing Partner, Eveneum 4.9

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