We have been hearing about online safety for years. The loudest buzz is about the dangers that lurk around children and teenagers. But what about the security of companies and confidential information? What does secure software mean and how can you protect yourself from a cyber attack? In this article we will shed light on the dangers of using off-the-shelf applications.

Cybercriminals in cyberspace

Every space has its light and dark side. This principle applies in both real and virtual spaces. Cyber criminals may be driven by different goals. However, it is often a matter of phishing for information, the recovery of which must be paid for. After transferring the right amount of money to the criminal’s account, can this data be recovered? There is no certainty.

Cyber attacks can also take a completely “innocent” form, which results from the actions of novice hackers. However, even these can destabilize a company’s operations and affect the smoothness of work. It is worth noting that security does not only concern information related to the company that is the victim of the attack. The data of all entities cooperating with it also become at risk.

Using off-the-shelf applications vs. security

Since we have access to Google Play, or the App Store, downloading new apps is trivial. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that all these apps come from different providers, have different regulations and use different security solutions. This is especially important for companies that use off-the-shelf apps. It is worth noting that:

  • there are usually several entities that have access to the data,
  • not all apps are trustworthy (small number of downloads, number of downloads disproportionate to user feedback, suspicious “too simple” or archaic interface),
  • not in every application, you will find comprehensive information on data processing,
  • many unsafe applications have already been identified (before installing, it is worth checking whether the application is not already blacklisted).

The European Union and cybersecurity

It is not only businessmen who care about online security, but also politicians. For more than 20 years, the European Commission has been dealing with these issues. Increasing dangers from hackers prompted the Commission in December 2017 the EC presented a cybersecurity package. In turn, the “CyberSecurity Act” came into force in June 2019.

It regulates the framework for a future pan-European software certification system, on the basis of which software companies’ products will be evaluated. You can read more about it in our article.

At Da Vinci, we care about your security

We tailor applications for our clients, and information security issues are most important to us. We constantly keep our knowledge of data protection up to date and use the latest technological tools. We publish articles about various risks, and we tell you what to look out for both when choosing an application and when selecting a provider. We also suggest ways to protect yourself from these dangers.

Contact us to find out how we work and how we take care of our clients’ network security. Dedicated, tailor-made applications give you high personalization, ensure competitiveness, and above all, ensure control over your data and benefit from high-performance security systems.

August 31, 2022 Cybersecurity