Web application is an increasingly common term used for websites that, at first glance, appear to be ordinary websites. And although from a user’s point of view they are not that different, when you look deeper you will find that you can tell them apart.

A web application is not a website

While it may be difficult to understand at first, it is worth remembering that you cannot put an equals sign between one and the other. Web applications are operated from a web browser, but they are developed with a focus on interaction and providing specific services and solutions. This is in contrast to websites, which by their nature are informational.

One can’t do much on the site other than read information, articles and other audiovisual content. The most common user actions on the site are adding comments, signing up for a newsletter, or downloading an ebook. The app, on the other hand, has a more complex structure, despite quick access. Choices made by the user affect the information displayed and actions taken. If on a site you can create an account, make purchases, and on occasion upload files or make reservations – you are dealing with a web application.

Technological differences in web applications

When developing web applications, different information technologies are used than when developing pages. This is a necessity forced by the possibility of interaction. Sites typically use CSS styles and HTML. The matter is not quite clear-cut in the case of CMS-based sites. These can be classified into both the first and second categories.

An interesting medium in this regard can be WordPress. Here it is possible to make both a static website, and to enrich the site with various additional functionalities. In web application technologies, it is worth mentioning: JavaScript, Java, ASP.NET, CGI, or PHP.

Web applications – examples

There are many types of web applications. All of them can be divided by purpose, for example. They can be shopping applications, advertising applications, or those used for reservations. While there could be many more examples, let’s focus on the most well-known ones that users use on a daily basis.

Netflix – the web application that has captivated millions

One of the most famous applications for watching movies and series is the globally acclaimed Netflix. Users can rate the movies they’ve watched, add them to their favorites, and the more interactions they make – the better the algorithm gets with hints of more movies to watch.

OLX – a popular classified ads application

OLX is a popular application for posting and browsing online classified ads. Users who use it, can set up an account, search for jobs, send resumes, exchange messages, rate sellers and buy items by choosing the appropriate shipping form.

JakDojade.pl – an application not only for tourists

JakDojade.pl is a web application that supports not only tourists, but also residents of a given city who are looking for the best public transport connections. The user can create an account, set the appropriate parameters (time, place, preferred means of transportation), and even buy a ticket….

You can’t get away from web applications

You use them even when you don’t realize it. You use them, among other things, when shopping or looking for the best public transport connections on your way to work. This proves that something that used to be just a dream – today it is becoming a standard, without which it is difficult to imagine everyday life. Anyone with an Internet-connected device and browser-based access can use the web application.

Da Vinci Studio: advantages of tailor-made web applications

Web applications are not only the present, they are also the future. A website on some level can be satisfying, but only up to a certain point. At Da Vinci Studio, we tailor software optimized to our clients’ needs and program advanced web applications to support your business.

Dedicated applications mean security and a guarantee of competitiveness – you have solutions that no one else has. And all this is the result of the work of professionals who keep up to date and actively participate in the development of the market of new technologies. If you have questions or are considering a collaboration – contact us. 🙂

December 7, 2022 Web Applications