Python Flask is a small framework used to build web applications. It is classified as a micro-framework, because it requires neither specific tools nor libraries. What power does Python Flask have and what does it consist of?

Flask or Django – which to choose for application development?

Django is a real combo for typical applications. However, Flask has an advantage wherever you want to have an impact on small configurations that are hard to achieve in Django. When is it worth choosing Flask and when is it worth choosing Django, and what is the reasoning behind both?

Flask and Django – what for whom?

If you are working on a project, according to the principle of “small is beautiful”, then you don’t need a combo like Django. Here, a minimalist framework such as Flask will work better, which will allow you to achieve your goals in an optimal way. This framework is great for developing web applications.

Django, on the other hand, is a framework that is best suited for large, complex projects. Here it is worth mentioning that if you care about security, in Django you get protection against popular attacks by default, and the documentation in many places clearly indicates what not to do.

Python Flask, or another framework?

Django will work well for classic applications such as an online store or warehouse. It is an excellent support for problems that have already been solved by someone else. Flask, however, will prove to be a better choice for small services or those that require dedicated solutions.

Much also depends on the experience of the team working on web applications. A less experienced team will appreciate Django, for enforcing a consistent style and not having to invest a lot of time in designing solutions. Programming sharks can solve problems more efficiently than the framework allows. For example, Django’s ORM provides its own abstraction to SQL. However, it does not provide full functionality. On the other hand, having SQLAlchemy, the limitations disappear – and almost anything can be squeezed out of the database.

Is Python Flask easy to use?

Python Flask is a micro-structure that does not provide direct functions, such as form validation and validation, database abstraction or authentication. These are functions that are provided as part of special extensions for the platform. For example, the platform itself does not provide page templates. Creating templates is possible, for example, thanks to the availability of Jinja templates. You can read about how to proceed in the Flask platform tutorial in Visual Studio.

Flask – a small Python framework for micro services

Flask is appreciated mainly for its simple, module-based intuitive operation. This makes it relatively easy to master. It is also worth noting that this framework originated as a programming joke. However, it quickly turned out to be a hit solution, due to its great flexibility and lack of a top-down application structure.

Flask’s biggest advantage is undoubtedly the flexibility to experiment with different technologies, as well as the architecture of the framework itself. As a result, Flask can be adapted to the needs of the programmer and the project as it grows.

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