The digitization of business is accelerating, so companies that don’t want to fall behind the competition are taking steps to develop their IT infrastructure. Organizations need tools that allow them to focus on their business. However, it is important to implement those solutions that best meet the needs of the business and maximize productivity. One such tool is a progressive web application, or progressive web application (PWA), the implementation of which, combined with enterprise know-how, makes business management simpler and more flexible. 

More and more companies are now using application development services. Flexible yet powerful applications have the advantage of being adaptable to a large number of projects. Whether you need an in-house solution or are planning to develop a new product for your customers, it can undoubtedly take the form of a dedicated web application, i.e. one that is “tailor-made.” 

What are dedicated web applications?

PWA, is application software, hosted in the cloud or on dedicated servers and accessible via a web browser. The technologies used to create web applications are almost identical to those used to create websites and are written mainly in JavaScript. You could say that a PWA is a website that looks like an application. All data is stored on the server, so unlike traditional software, the user does not need to install the application on his computer or mobile device from an external platform (Google play store, or Apple app store). All you need to do is connect to the application using your favorite browser. 

Dedicated web applications are developed to meet specific business needs. Prior to development, the company’s needs are defined so that the product best matches the company’s business logic and organizational culture. In other words, with a customized approach focused on the actual needs of the business, a web app can even better meet the specific requirements of the organization. Today, any company, regardless of industry, can choose to create a progressive web app.

The benefits of progressive web applications

The main advantage of progressive web apps is their accessibility. The user can connect to the app from any device and immediately access the synchronized data. There is no need to install software beforehand (unlike computer software or a mobile app). Backups are centralized on the server, so PWA eliminates the need to download and install updates. 

What’s more, the current standard is to offer web application users an experience and functionality equivalent to software installed directly on devices. As a result, whether you are deploying a web application for internal company use or delivering a product for customer use, you can be sure that for users, using the application will be a real pleasure. 

PWA – an alternative for mobile devices

We have already mentioned that progressive web applications can be accessed from a web browser on any device with internet access. For this reason, some companies see PWAs as an excellent alternative to native mobile apps. Any native application, is software built in languages accepted by the platform for which they are developed (iOS or Android) and using dedicated code libraries. By choosing a PWA app, you don’t have to build separate products for each operating system. Thanks to web hosting, the user will be able to use it both on a desktop computer and on a mobile device, just as conveniently. One product means lower cost and faster deployment time. 

If you are planning to develop software for your company and are wondering whether PWA will be the right solution, feel free to contact us. Creating dedicated web applications from scratch is our specialty. We will be happy to learn the details of your project and suggest the best solutions to grow your business.

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