At least basic knowledge

It is true that no-code platforms do not require knowledge of programming languages. However, even when using them, at least basic computer science knowledge is useful.

There are also so-called mixed systems (low-code). Writing of the code in them is partially automated and very simplified. In both cases, the creation of applications is based on the use of modules that were initially created by programmers. This is the so-called code recycling.

Is no-code the solution for the future?

Software development costs are quite high, as is creating a personalized application. This requires hiring a whole team of developers – unless you decide to use the services of a Software House. At Da Vinci Studio we tailor applications and software to our clients. 🙂

No-code application building platforms allow those who are not developers to create software. This allows you to save money that you would otherwise have to invest in creating a solid IT department.

No-code and business programs

No-code works great in building applications for business management. And also those, which are directed to customers. Without the code you can also create advanced corporate applications. Even without writing a single line of code, you can design an application that will streamline daily processes in your company. And at the same time, it will be fully tailored to its real needs.

Want to create an app? You can do it!

If you are drawn to programming, but not necessarily familiar with its languages – we have some tips for you. These are three platforms based on using no-code tools. You do not need to know how to code. Most of the tools are based on drag and drop mechanisms.

  • Bubble – did you know that Netflix was created with no-code? The Bubble platform was used for this purpose. It is one of the most recognized tools around the world. It works great for designing web applications. And the applications developed using this tool are hosted in an environment dedicated to this tool.
  • App Sheet from Google– with App Sheet from Google you will build phone and web apps. It’s a bit more complicated but still doesn’t require programming knowledge. Applications are designed on the basis of various data sources. The tool also gives you the opportunity to take care of the visual side of the application, by using existing graphic templates. 
  • Adalo – it is a technology that allows you to build mobile applications by using pre-configured and ready-made components. These are used to work on the project using the drag and drop option. With Adalo, you can easily create your own app without programming skills.

If so… Why do I need programmers?

While no-code tools are convenient and save time and money, they also have their drawbacks. The inviting interface and convenience can easily lull you into suspicion. However, it is worth remembering that no-code relies on ready-made schemes. The platforms give only the possibilities that their creator allowed. There is no full flexibility here and the available options do not guarantee uniqueness.

Want to become more competitive? Forget about no-code

If you want to make your business more competitive, forget about these types of tools. Applications and programs created in this way do not provide uniqueness. A competing company, which will decide to use no-code – will have applications and programs based on similar mechanisms. It is impossible to create something competitive from ready-made and closed database.

High functionality

Although it is possible to build a functional application without coding, it is a convenience that at some point reaches its limit. And this limit are the options provided by the creator of the platform. At Da Vinci Studio we create dedicated applications that provide high functionality – because they are tailored to the customer. Fully optimized to the actual needs of the company and the specifics of its operation.

Da Vinci Studio: tailor-made applications

At Da Vinci Studio we provide mobile and web applications tailored to the needs of our clients on a daily basis. The programs and applications are fully tailored to the organizational structure of the company and the business model implemented. Thanks to using applications unavailable to competitors we increase the technological advantage of our clients and have a real impact on the competitiveness of the solutions.

Contact us and see how we work. Thanks to the positive atmosphere at work and focus on the development of our clients, we respond to even the most personalized demand for applications. We will create for you dedicated software that no one else has.