Who doesn’t remember the not so ancient times when you first bought a “boxed” version of software and then installed it on your computer. The CD was only needed when changing the system or changing the computer, and the box only cluttered the shelves. Next on the market appeared applications made available through the Internet, which gave users the possibility to install them after buying a license. This made our life much easier – especially since more and more devices we work on today no longer have CD-Roms. SaaS, or Software as a Service, is the next stage of this evolution. The user receives the software, becoming… a subscriber of the manufacturer. As in the case of social networking sites, the customer receives a login and password, which allow him to fully use all functions of the software directly from the manufacturer. The difference is the need to pay a monthly fee. This does not overburden devices and promotes mobility.

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Working from everywhere!

Exactly, mobility! SaaS systems find their enthusiastic supporters among people who for various reasons change their place of residence or cannot work in the company’s headquarters. This is of great importance especially today, when the current model of stationary work is being transformed – perhaps permanent. SaaS makes it possible to work from any place that provides access to the Internet. Whether you’ve hidden yourself in a big city apartment or a small house on the other side of the world – you can use company applications, mail, necessary files, etc.

The subscription model is also an advantage for the manufacturer. Obviously, they don’t receive the full amount immediately, but regular installments contribute to maintaining even better liquidity. The customer did not buy and run away – the customer stays with us!

The ideal SaaS application

Every manufacturer wants his product to be unique in his industry. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Instead, you should focus on the reliability of the software. Here are a few steps that will perhaps allow you to choose the right route when creating the perfect Saas application.

Free tester

One of the basic features of SaaS applications, which customers pay special attention to, is the possibility to use free trial versions of software. For the user it is an invaluable opportunity to get to know, and even – at this stage – to live with the product, which in turn influences the positive (for the manufacturer and – hopefully for the customer) decision to purchase. Using the product for a certain period of time increases the involvement of the user, who often finds it difficult to part with the tried and tested application. For the manufacturer, it is a signal that the free trial version can solidly boost sales in a relatively short time.

Interestingly, the cost associated with the production of SaaS applications is usually lower than in the case of classical software. This allows you to offer the product at a very attractive price, which will probably attract the attention of more customers.

Create valuable content

Almost every major IT company (including Da Vinci Studio) has its own blog. It is a perfect place not only to share useful knowledge, showcase industry news, but also promote your solutions. Even in these days, dominated by the image, Internet users are eager to read professional blogs rich in valuable content. Therefore, before approaching the development of SaaS applications, it is worth to prepare an appropriate “content” ground. Researching a niche, studying the latest developments in the industry and collecting the most interesting information will help to create helpful articles for users. It should be remembered that blog publications should abound in accurate information about the new product.

Companies in the IT segment provide a lot of information about their applications that is difficult to appreciate through blogs. The reader learns from them, among others, how to become a “subscriber” and how to use the software.

The foundation is market research

Eyes and ears wide open, unsatisfied hunger for information and customer feedback are other elements that contribute to creating a valuable product. It is important to understand the customer and know how they benefit from the new solution. It is worth to be inquisitive – look at the market, look through industry reports and even individual companies from around the world. Specialists recommend reading interviews with CEOs of competing companies, viewing materials on Youtube and continuous learning based on the experience of competitors. Companies producing SaaS often make their results public. From the interviews you can learn how to get first customers or what tools to use. You can also use Google Trends – a service that gives you a certain picture of the trends in our segment.

The information collected provides a solid basis for a comprehensive analysis that will answer the question whether the project makes sense at all.

Why SaaS?

With SaaS applications you get a product ready to use, without having to think about settings and other techniques. This allows you to enjoy a solution that really solves your problems. What’s more, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive software. The subscription allows you to stop paying when the product is no longer needed.

We all value data security. Cloud-based Saas applications allow you to transfer information quickly and safely.

Another advantage is that updates and improvements are available to “subscribers” right away.

And finally, the Saas application is “spy proof”. The user has no access to the source code, which means he cannot steal and illegally distribute the software.


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