Modern diagnostic devices in the form of hybrid scanners or bionic prosthetic limbs are just one side of MedTech. This industry is also about software for doctors, clinics and hospitals. How does modern technology support medicine? And how does Da Vinci Studio support it?

Technological progress: MedTech – medicine of the future

Technological progress is being made in almost every area of life. This includes industry and business, and that includes medicine. The MedTech industry allows us to support the activities of doctors, hospitals, medical facilities and many other health-related institutions.

At Da Vinci Studio, we provide tailor-made solutions and software. And it’s worth noting that the MedTech industry is home to some of the hottest startups on the market. What is the innovation of the market and what significance does it have not only for medicine, but also for telemedicine?

A Polish startup for the MedTech industry – what are the benefits?

A smoothly running clinic or hospital is a comfort not only for doctors, but also for patients. We could not talk about e-health without programmers. AI algorithms are used in this area to support medical decisions. That is why at Da Vinci Studio we have created a project – Vinci Medicine. It is an intelligent system for initial diagnosis. It interviews the patient and then optimizes the diagnostic process from the medical side.

MedTech allows to increase the efficiency of doctors, but also of clinics, hospitals and large medical facilities. As a result, there is a chance to help more patients, in less time. Which means so much that technological advances realistically translate into issues of saving patients’ health and lives.

MedTech and the administration of medical facilities

Medical technologies also support the work of medical facilities in the field related to administration. The pandemic has shown how important not only telemedicine is, but also the smooth operation of hospitals in terms of efficient documentation and information flow. When the administration of hospitals and health facilities runs smoothly, this has a real impact on the speed of patient admissions.

The medical technology industry can also support the health service in selecting public tenders, when analyzing price changes, or inventing the best trends in the market. Its application really depends on imagination and needs.

MedTech startups – what examples do we have in Poland?

DocPlanner is one of the best-known medical startups. It is the owner of the KnownDoctor platform, which is used to make medical appointments online. It is worth noting that the outbreak of the pandemic led to increased development in the industry, which resulted, for example, in the fact that a new feature was introduced – online consultations.

Another well-known MedTech startup is Intermedica from Wroclaw, which has been developing a tool for initial medical diagnosis for nine years, using machine learning. Also worth mentioning is SlethoMe, which has developed a wireless stethoscope. And this one consists only of a head and is devoid of a wire. It does, however, have a display on which messages appear. These are just a few examples of how technology can support medicine. However, innovation is possible on many levels.

Da Vinci Studio – what does cooperation look like?

First we will analyze your needs, do research for your project and select the optimal tools. Then we’ll move on to programming – remember, we’re tailor-made – so we’ll provide further functionality based on your needs and expectations. And we’ll implement solutions on the fly.

Later, we will conduct comprehensive testing and training, hand over the project documentation, and then launch the application. We also offer ongoing support or occasional support as part of SLAs, along with pricing for new functionalities and projects. We support large and small businesses, as well as health-related institutions and facilities. 

Da Vinci Studio – we tailor-make solutions

Check out how we support medics and doctors and learn about our capabilities. We are eager to take on new programming challenges, including in healthcare. We design applications, software and tailor-made solutions fully optimized to your needs and expectations. Our team are positive programmers, open to new experiences and ready to take on new challenges.

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