Freight forwarding deals with the management and coordination of the movement of goods, as well as transportation services. Forwarding companies play an important role in the product distribution process, helping companies manage their supply chains and ensure the smooth flow of goods. How can IT support freight forwarding?

What is forwarding? Types of forwarding

There are three main types of freight forwarding: domestic, international and sea forwarding. Domestic forwarding involves the movement of goods within a country, while international forwarding involves overseas transportation. Maritime forwarding, on the other hand, focuses on the transportation of goods by sea, including intercontinental and transoceanic routes.

Freight forwarding companies use various forms of transportation-trucks, planes, ships, and trains-to ensure the reliable and efficient movement of goods. Logistics is a very important part of this process, managing resources (i.e., procurement, storage, transportation) to use them optimally and avoid delays.

What does a freight forwarder do? Additional services

Freight forwarding companies also offer additional services such as warehousing, insurance, consolidation and customs services to help manage logistics and transportation processes. These services are essential for companies that want to ensure the smooth and efficient movement of goods, both domestically and internationally.

Shipping company: transportation and logistics vs. support from IT

IT can support the freight forwarding industry by providing more efficient and effective technology solutions. These enable automation of logistics and transportation processes. Many modern IT solutions, such as supply chain management software, GPS systems and electronic transport documents – allow shipping companies to monitor and track their operations on an ongoing basis. This makes it easier to control shipments, orders, or cargo transportation. 

Freight forwarder: freight transportation vs. communication services and new technology support

Another important way in which IT can support the freight forwarding industry is by providing high-quality communication solutions with high efficiency. With tailor-made software, shipping companies can communicate comprehensively with customers, suppliers and employees.  This makes the company’s day-to-day work, as well as the organization of transportation, or responding in case of an emergency – run more efficiently and effectively. And taking orders, or managing the organization of transportation, does not pose any major difficulties.

Shipping services – regulatory compliance and day-to-day operations

The IT industry can support freight forwarding by providing secure and compliant software solutions to support, for example, the issuance of electronic transport documents. At the level of dedicated software solutions, information security management systems can be taken care of, allowing companies to deliver data security and better meet stringent regulatory requirements.

Da Vinci Studio – applications for shipping and transport

The logistics industry is constantly exposed to new challenges. Although Poland is a leader among EU carriers, there are still many Polish companies looking for ways to optimize solutions, automate processes and implement other ideas. In the case of this type of project, a technology partner who knows the rules of driver card billing, the specifics of container transport, or who has experience working with tachographs is very important.

At Da Vinci Studio, we combine your business knowledge with our experience and programming skills. This duo allows us to develop interesting, effective concepts, as well as their effective implementation. For many years we have been working with companies offering solutions and services for transportation. As a result, we have gained valuable experience and a great deal of knowledge about the processes specific to this industry. We have been entrusted with strategic projects, automating processes, supporting training and R&D departments.

DVS: tailor-made software for you

We specialize in dedicated mobile applications and web applications designed to provide multi-level support for your business. We streamline the processes of shipping companies by providing solutions to increase your company’s workflow. Contact us to learn more.

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