Until recently, e-learning was used as a complement to traditional teaching methods. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become the new standard. Today, online education goes beyond video chats used in schools and includes numerous solutions that allow for conducting trainings, webinars, or tutoring sessions online. As you can imagine, such platforms can be profitable. What should you keep in mind?

What is e-learning?

E-learning is a form of teaching that utilizes computer technology to deliver educational content and materials. Unlike traditional classroom education, e-learning takes place virtually, using various tools and interactive online platforms. However, it is often combined with traditional teaching in the form of blended courses.

The main idea of e-learning is to enable students to acquire knowledge and develop skills through the Internet. Education takes the form of online courses, video lessons, multimedia presentations, text materials, assignments, discussion forums, etc. The best solutions in this field allow, for example, completing studies without the need for physical presence in the lecture hall or remote skills development for employees.

Which training platform to choose – LMS or LXP?

For anyone who wants to conduct their own online training or e-learning courses, the key decision will be choosing an educational platform. It should be properly tailored to the target audience and the form of earning on such a project. Among the features worth considering are:

  • creating courses and tests,
  • automating basic teaching processes,
  • efficient calendar management,
  • real-time screen sharing,
  • designing interactive exercises,
  • fast and convenient communication.

Remember that in addition to e-learning-related features, your platform must be equipped with a comprehensive e-commerce module. Necessary components will include, among others, convenient payment gateways.

When choosing an e-learning platform, you will likely be faced with a dilemma between the LMS (Learning Management System) and LXP (Learning Experience Platform) solutions. The former is definitely more common, used for managing trainings, conducting remote lessons, conducting tests, and monitoring progress. The latter is a kind of novelty on the market and offers slightly greater possibilities, mainly consisting of intelligently adapting the platform to the needs of learners and enabling interaction between them.

The choice of the right tool should therefore depend on the goals of your company. If you only want to provide users with pre-prepared electronic courses or conduct e-learning trainings, the functionalities of a standard LMS application will suffice. However, if you also want to engage your students, encourage them to interact with each other, and create dedicated materials for them, consider implementing an advanced LXP platform. Remember to ensure that the tool is accessible for smartphones and tablets in both cases.

Note that if you have very specific needs, you don’t have to limit yourself to the available e-learning application templates on the Internet. You can always commission the creation of such a solution from scratch. All you need to do is take advantage of the services of an experienced software development company and tell the programmers about your business goals and the selected target group.

How to make money from webinars and remote education?

Making money from e-learning can take various forms. You have, among others, the following options:

  • Paid webinars – you can offer unique knowledge, expert advice, trainings or workshops that will be valuable to your target audience. The fee for participation in the webinar can be one-time or monthly, and participants can receive access to the recording after the event.
  • Online courses – this education format allows for passive income generation, as a once created course will be purchased by many users over time.
  • Subscriptions for membership – you can launch an application supporting knowledge exchange between experts and students, offering users different levels of membership, for example.

Make money from online teaching!

If you want to make money from e-learning, cooperate with an experienced IT company and entrust them with designing an efficient, yet user-friendly training application!

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