Differences between a web app and a mobile app

A web application, otherwise known as a web application, programmed in JavaScript or PHP, runs in a browser and requires access to the Internet. It differs from a regular, informative website based on HTML or CSS technology, with specific functionalities that allow the user to perform a specific action. Mobile applications are software designed for smartphones and tablets. Each application, regardless of its purpose, uses solutions that are designed to bring the user the right methods associated with them, so that they can take the assumed steps in achieving the goal.

Web application functionalities – is there a problem? We will find a solution

Running a business is a task that requires business owners to focus on various aspects related both to the quality of products and services offered, as well as the entire system of sales, advertising, logistics. Problems appearing at different stages of operations may concern each of these variables. By designing and creating web applications, specialists respond to the specific needs of the recipient, and thus the entire company. If in your company you observe a problem related to the positive fulfillment of an order, problems with the system of booking places or tickets, or a problem resulting from the processes related to customer service, a dedicated application can solve each of them. Specifying such a problem triggers actions aiming at its repair, and thus the whole machine of individual steps aiming at application implementation.

From understanding the problem to solving it

What does the application development process look like? Everything starts with a detailed analysis of how a company or a brand functions, examination of the systems used at the company and the tools, programs and solutions used. Identification of the problem is the key to start working on implementation of the application. A detailed conversation with the client, followed by an examination of how the currently used programs and systems work, enables us to understand the problem. After the analytical process specialists can proceed to design the application, then test it, and finally implement it on the target server. The time of implementation depends on the level of complexity of the created application and the course of tests. Testing allows to exclude any errors, which could hinder the use of software in the future, and also allows to assess whether the application will be clear and easy to use in everyday life.

Fast, efficient, tailored to customer needs – applications in your business

Efficiently operating applications can bring a number of successful solutions, resulting in improved communication with current and potential customers, providing them with a tool to support the process of selling products and services, and ultimately increasing the sales results themselves. The final look and functionality of a web application depends on the initial analysis. If your company needs dedicated technological solutions in the field of sales of products or services, customer service or other areas that prevent further development of the brand, bet on the expertise of professionals, tell us about your insights and let us find the right solutions in the form of web applications.