Despite the thousands of solutions for building applications that are currently available on the market, there will always be companies that innovate and need tailor-made software. Such applications are referred to as “dedicated” because they serve some specific needs. See if this is the right solution for your business. 

Web applications are computer programs that are usually coded in browser-supported languages, such as JavaScript or HTML, so they work across multiple platforms, regardless of operating system or device. Users can access synchronized data and use the information system whenever they need it. All that is needed is access to the Internet. Unlike computer software, or a mobile application, web applications do not require prior installation on the device. What’s more, all backups are centralized on a server, so you don’t have to remember to update the program. 

Why choose dedicated applications?

The success of a company consists of many factors, and software is supposed to support and simplify the implementation of business processes. Therefore, the application, regardless of its purpose, should be designed to facilitate communication with customers or within teams and streamline business processes in the organization. All functionality should be planned even before the application design stage begins, so that the software is a scalable and efficient solution that meets the customer’s needs.

A wide variety of tools and frameworks for building web applications are available on the market today. However, in order to maximize the potential of a web application, it is sometimes worth reaching for out-of-the-box solutions. Dedicated web applications help streamline operations and close gaps in business processes and connect data silos. Tailored solutions ensure that all functionality and modules are designed by developers to optimize platform management. 

What’s more, many businesses today already use a variety of technology solutions (including third-party management systems, CRMs, and CMSs) that do not necessarily communicate properly with each other. Such a situation can delay tasks and, instead of streamlining, only complicates task completion. Implementing custom-designed software in your company will help solve or prevent possible data integration problems.

The process of creating web applications

Implementing an application is a serious investment that requires not only an adequate budget, but also time, commitment and a plan. A key stage in the development of web applications, like any other dedicated software, is the preparation and detailed analysis of the client’s expectations or problems. An in-depth interview and proper identification of needs, guarantee that the application in its final version will offer its users the necessary range of functionality and the very important scalability, i.e. the certainty that the implemented software will grow with the growth of the organization. 

An important step in the construction and implementation process for an application is the development of a mockup and testing. The test product will allow you to assess whether the final application design you receive will fit the needs of your business.

Selecting a software provider

Before you decide to sign a contract with a selected partner (e.g., an interactive agency), pay attention to whether a given provider guarantees a period of support and provides technical assistance after product implementation. Pay attention to the experience of a given company and make sure that the latest technologies will be used in the implementation of your project. 

However, if you want to be sure that the best designers will be involved in the development of your product, send us an inquiry and see what we at Da Vinci Studio can do for you. We specialize in application building services that don’t end once a new solution is created and installed. As a technology development agency, we analyze your needs and put you first, providing ongoing support and maintenance whenever you need it. Contact us and see for yourself.

November 16, 2022 Web Applications