Web and mobile apps – profit for each side

There are as many ways of solving problems in companies as there are entities on the market. Each company should have developed processes, which are implemented in case of the occurrence of a problem. Mobile and web applications are created both for entrepreneurs, struggling with various obstacles to the development of the company, and for users – existing and potential customers who want to use the resources of the company or brand. Mobile and web applications are two different products and it is a mistake to use their names interchangeably. Mobile applications are solutions that are used on smartphones and tablets and are created for Android or iOS operating systems. Web applications, or are platforms and websites that can be opened in browsers. It is worth noting, however, that they differ from regular information websites by some specific functionalities.

Grow your business continuously – dedicated solutions for your company

If you have a clear understanding of what problems are affecting your business and the customers who want to place an order, book an appointment or use your service, the path to a solution can be much simpler. However, if you’re not sure at which stage of operation particular elements start to fail and cease to perform their functions, it’s worth thoroughly examining all purchase paths, ways of contacting customers and partners and the entire sales process. This is how specialized development of dedicated web applications begins. Analysis of actions, customer opinion surveys, testing of all paths – from this very important moment developers and designers can start their work. This is a crucial task that allows to discover the weak features of the software currently used in the company.

How are web applications developed?

The first stage is the above-mentioned opinion surveys and the analysis of activities conducted in the company and programs used. Knowing the needs of the company and the brand, their problems and system deficiencies, the specialists can start creating and programming solutions, i.e. dedicated applications. The created product can facilitate the process of purchasing, ordering products, booking tickets or making appointments – each application is an answer to individual needs of clients and entrepreneurs. After the design process and creation of a prototype, the created solutions are tested at various stages. This is where all the errors in the functioning of the application, problems with the newly created technology and limitations that do not allow for full use of the application are detected. At this stage we also check the interface and its friendliness to a potential user. The errors resulting from the testing are corrected and the final stage is the implementation of the application, which becomes available to a wide audience.

Can a web application solve every problem in the business?

Applications are used not only for ordering products and booking services. Thanks to the wide possibilities of experts, dedicated solutions can also be used in human resources, sales or marketing departments. Thus, applications can be helpful not only for customers but also for company employees, thus facilitating and streamlining various processes at different organizational levels. If your company is struggling with development and sales problems, contact us and tell us about the difficulties of the business. We will find answers and solutions and design functional and dedicated applications.