The inspiration to work on the project was the need to simplify the accounting process for school canteens as much as possible. The result of the project was to enable parents to make instant online payments, thanks to which the school or canteen staff would no longer need to control the settlement of ordered meals and inform their clients (parents) about the upcoming payment deadline. Similarly to other modern applications, everything should be done according to the current standards, i.e. from the cell phone level – fast, easy, convenient and “painless”.

aplikacja bistro da vinci studioHow does Bistro Rekord work?

Thanks to the tool prepared in cooperation with the DVS client, a parent can determine the school menu for their child for the following days. Using a browser application, the user is able to order specific lunches having absolute control over the entire sequence of events. What is more, in order to automate the process as much as possible and simplify it as much as possible, we have created a “dispenser” application. The tool was installed on a tablet in the place where meals are served. Just by scanning the QR code, the school canteen receives information about the dish ordered for a particular child.

The challenge – an intuitive and effective application

The most important challenge which guided our project was to create an effective and at the same time easy to use tool which would allow parents to set meal menus for their children in schools, explains IT Project Manager at Da Vinci Studio. – The assumption was to make the application as intuitive and uncomplicated as possible. As a result, at the end of each month parents should receive a list of all ordered meals with a link allowing a quick payment.

Automation – the key to success

The key phrase of the last few years is automation. It is thanks to automation that many processes have been streamlined, including meal delivery. The result is the simplification of the entire sequence of events related to determining which meal should be issued to a particular child. In addition, using the order statements, the system is able to generate a list of meals that the kitchen has to prepare or order together with the quantity needed for the day. This is a considerable facilitation for both the school canteen and parents. Preparing the application we have introduced many innovations, which simplify the process of ordering meals and settling payments as well as the whole service of school canteens. The next stage of the project is expansion, i.e. introducing Bistro Rekord to as many schools as possible and selling the application in the saas system. We believe that this is the next, perhaps most important chapter in the parent – school canteen relationship.


While developing Bistro Rekord application we used TypeScript, Angular, Docker, Symfony, PHP, Cypress, React Native and Api Platform technologies. This set of solutions allowed us to prepare a complementary solution that will definitely facilitate the cooperation between the school canteen and the parent, while allowing to provide the best meals to the students.

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April 8, 2021 web applications
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