Do you run online sales, provide concert tickets or maybe organize language courses? Regardless of what industry you operate in and what products and services you offer to your customers, you can benefit from dedicated solutions, which are web applications created by designers and programmers. Improving processes, increasing functionality and, as a result, the development of the company – dedicated software is a number of benefits for different groups of customers.

Web applications – definition and purpose

Web applications, otherwise known as web apps are mistakenly associated and combined with mobile applications. Web applications are opened with a browser, although they also differ from simple web pages built on static HTML files and CSS styles. Web applications are solutions created in PHP or JavaScript technologies. They are platforms that have specific functions and respond to specific problems of companies and their recipients. Thanks to them you can book tickets, register for a language course or a webinar, as well as purchase your favourite products. There are no limits when it comes to the functionalities and solutions that programmed systems offer users.

Types of web applications

As many challenges as many solutions – this is the assumption that accompanies the design of web applications. According to different business activities, applications can fulfill various functions. Specialists distinguish particular types of applications, such as:

  • sales,
  • advertising,
  • bookings,
  • transactions,
  • CRM and ERP systems,
  • e-learning.

As you can see, applications are not only designed to make the purchasing process easier for customers and users, but also to organize the operation of internal systems which include processes for managing communication with customers and streamlining the daily work of specialists from various departments within a company. Sales, marketing, HR, Customer Service – in each of these areas it is possible to implement dedicated solutions in the form of applications.

Advantages of web applications – what new opportunities will your company gain

Designers and programmers who create applications focus on a specific issue, thus creating unique products that get to the heart of the problem. The advantage of the application is primarily facilitated access to products and services, their procurement and use in an easy and accessible way for the potential recipient. By creating an application, you provide your customers and employees with a tool that significantly speeds up processes and makes them more enjoyable. By using the services of specialists you can also be sure that the application will ensure the security of both company data and users.


How is an application developed?

The whole process starts with a detailed and precise analysis of the company’s current activities, technologies, systems and solutions used in it. First of all, it is important to identify the challenges faced by the company or its customers. The next stage, thanks to a thorough analysis, is creating applications, designing solutions that are to meet the given needs. At this stage, however, the work on the application does not end. After its creation, the specialists start testing – checking if all functionalities are consistent with the assumptions and control the operation of the application itself – the speed of response, sending appropriate messages to recipients. Improvements to the system means the possibility of uploading the application to a server and making it available to a wider audience, i.e. the target users.

Looking for proven solutions for your company, count on tailor-made products. Contact our team and tell us about your business. Let us familiarize ourselves with the challenges your business is facing and we will find the best solutions in the form of web applications.