At the moment, the mobile software market is mainly divided between two major players – Android (and systems based on it) and Apple iOS. The differences between these platforms are significant and include, among other things, the availability of various applications. Wondering which programs are worth downloading to your smartphone? In this article, we will present you with a list of the most popular iPhone apps!

Best iPhone and iPad Apps – What You Need to Know About Them?

iPhone users use various mobile apps that meet various needs. They include advanced learning tools, time and work management tools, as well as entertainment. When choosing programs for themselves, users simply follow their individual lifestyle. If you are looking for well-known and popular apps for iOS devices, check out the most common choices of iPhone owners!

Best Free Programs on Apple iOS Available on the App Store

The most commonly used mobile applications on iOS include both useful services without which it is difficult to imagine life today, as well as additional gadgets of an entertainment, creative or sports nature. The list of the best iPhone programs includes the following:

  1. Spotify – the most popular app for listening to music and podcasts. Its library consists of 100 million songs and over 5 million shows, providing a very rich selection of content. The program also works based on algorithms that, based on your playback history, suggest new materials tailored to your taste.
  2. Duolingo – hunger for knowledge and a desire for continuous development mean that more and more people are reaching for language learning apps. Duolingo offers education in the form of fun, using proven methods of acquiring new information. With such a tool, you can spend every moment of the day more productively.
  3. Shazam – a tool that allows you to search for songs heard on the radio, in a TV show or in a public place. If you’ve been captivated by a song and want to know its title, simply use the Shazam app, which will recognize any song.
  4. Genshin Impact – our list would not be complete without a mobile game; this title is an arcade game with RPG elements and logic puzzles. Genishin Impact is considered the most popular game for iPhones.
  5. Telegram – a messenger that is an alternative to WhatsApp and is mainly valued for its privacy options; users can decide how long their messages will be visible.
  6. Netflix – a well-known app designed for watching movies and series.
  7. TouchRetouch – with this app, users can quickly and easily remove any object or filter from any photo; it is an intuitive tool for retouching photos, offering dozens of helpful instructional videos.
  8. Notion – a program for creating and saving notes on your phone; the app works not only for text information but also for data in the form of tables or checklists.
  9. Apple Maps – one of the absolutely essential apps that offers an interesting alternative to the popular Google Maps; it features an attractive interface, natural voice navigation, and access to the three-dimensional street view function.
  10. SkyView Lite – it’s a real curiosity on our list, as this program is used to… observe the night sky; simply scan the view with the back camera and the screen will display the locations of stars and planets.

Essential iOS Apps – Summary

You now know the top 10 most popular apps on iOS. This knowledge will not only help you better customize your phone to your needs and preferences, but it can also inspire you to create your own tool. Note that you can earn quite well from mobile apps and you don’t need any specialized skills to do so. Just get inspired by the solutions described in our article or identify other consumer needs, and then assign experienced developers to create the app.

When collaborating with a software house, make sure to outline your needs and expectations for the project precisely, and then continuously monitor the process of its realization. Also, be open to the suggestions of specialists. They can introduce many interesting solutions to your app, which may also make it one of the most frequently installed mobile programs!

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