Every so often, the question is raised in the IT market about whether artificial intelligence will take jobs away from programmers. How can artificial intelligence support the IT market – and what is machine learning all about? Is there really a technological development with real threats involving the labor market?

Will artificial intelligence replace programmers in the future?

Learning to code is becoming more and more popular, making programmers face a lot of competition in the job market. However, even this rivalry may intensify in a moment, as artificial intelligence will be able to code instead of them.

AlphaCode is a project by the British team DeepMind. It is an artificial intelligence that does quite well in writing computer programs. In doing so, it achieves human-like performance.

Challenges posed to AI

The software faced several challenges from the Codeforces system – a place where programmers can complete tasks every week and submit for evaluation the programs they have created on their own. They then receive points in the system used in the game of chess.

The tasks were not subject to any modifications to make them better understood by artificial intelligence. The exact same commands as those published in Codeforces were introduced into AlphaCode. The AI collected the number of possible answers, narrowing down the number of possible answers by running the code and checking whether the result was close to the correct one. The result was surprising, with AlphaCode hitting 54% of the top developers in as many as 10 recent Codeforces challenges.

Artificial intelligence applications, from small tasks to automation

The achievements of the British company AlphaCode suggest that programming in the future may become much easier. If only because AI, working on large datasets, will be able to more quickly solve problems that today take a lot of time and energy. As one can easily guess, the increased automation offered by the AI system, may lead to the fact that in the course of time the profession of programmer will become unnecessary. And thus the writing of programs will be handled solely by artificial intelligence.

Research on artificial intelligence is still ongoing, not only in the technological field, but also in the sociological one – projecting the shape of the society of the future. However, it is worth remembering how artificial intelligence works, which makes decisions based on what algorithms are provided to it. What about machine learning?

Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence

Machine learning allows a particular system (e.g., connected to an online store), to learn incrementally from the data it acquires. The machine acquires the data, analyzes it, learns from it, and then returns a finished result that shows what to do to reduce the rejection rate.

Where does AI observe your behavior?

Everywhere. Machine Learning is a subset of artificial intelligence. Computers learn how to use data and increase the fluidity of processes (such as sales). Algorithms are trained continuously to find the best possible patterns in very large data sets.

They analyze your behavior on websites, portals, not just those for sales. Machine learning is also used in website positioning. However, in practice, its data processing capabilities can be used in any industry to gain a competitive advantage.

Machine Learning for your business

Machine learning algorithms have now matured enough to be introduced into manufacturing solutions. They save time and money, and because numerous processes can be automated in a highly optimized way – your company’s competitive advantage, grows.

What are the advantages of machine learning?

Companies that use artificial intelligence can enjoy smoother company processes. Machine learning improves efficiency, productivity (applications and systems run without interruption, without getting sick, without holidays) and at the same time it works without fail, allowing business processes to run smoothly. 

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