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Creating an online store with animation templates for designers, graphic designers, animators. Our collaboration lasted quite a long time, and there were two main challenges. The first one was to take over the project based on our own freelance code, the second one was to build a new store engine, in a way that would be fast, efficient and safe.


A Modern store, original frontend scripts, instant service loading, full support of business processes from the first version.


We have created an online store that is fully responsive and supports most of the processes related to the customer's business. Since we took over the care of the store, we have developed loyalty functions, order settlement and product categorization system. We have also implemented a completely new layout and new frontend solutions.

Used technologies



Da Vinci has done a series of IT work for us, related to the maintenance, development and support of our e-commerce system. To this day our company uses them in its operations. We are satisfied with this collaboration and we would like every business partner to have such a culture and professionalism as
Da Vinci.

Szymon Masiak, CEO at MotionVFX
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A multi-platform lottery system created for the German brand Develey. We started with taking over the site with e-commerce functions based on software that is available on the market, but did not fulfill the needed functions at all. As part of the collaboration, the ecosystem of solutions and tools used by the company has expanded strongly, and some of them posed considerable technological challenges.
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