The specialized search engine allows for finding companies and enterprises by category and location. When we started working on the project for, it operated on the basis of a system called ROI 1 (Return on Investment). After analysing the needs, it turned out that developing the current tool from a technological and cost perspective made no sense. This is how the decision to create ROI 2 by our team was made.



Migration and writing our own search engine, data aggregation and presentation. operates in the Internet business. It supports its clients in marketing activities by increasing their "visibility" on the web. Therefore, a tool was needed to measure the effectiveness of activities for its clients. Another aspect was a very fast delivery of information, which was calculated on the basis of huge databases, imported by the company from many sources. Proper understanding of connections, amount of data to be regularly imported and getting to know the systems to be integrated.



The tool generates data screens for specific customers, markets and industries. Thanks to effective data processing, indexation and a number of solutions optimizing scripts and a clear form of their presentation, the CCI company can effectively modify its offer to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.



The tool integrates data not only from the search engine but also statistics of websites, PPC campaigns or Google Analytics. Therefore, a given seller can generate a personalized report and present it to his client. In addition, it is equipped with lists and information about the industries and sectors, thanks to which it can encourage new companies to use the services of

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