“Go where no man has ever gone before” is the motto of the classic science fiction series “Star Trek”. Even if Da Vinci Studio hasn’t yet won in space, we’re sure to move with the courage to make the necessary changes to ensure the company thrives. Why is this so important to us?

Breaking down borders

Change is a concept which causes many people to feel uneasy. It itches, burns and creeps like a foreign body that attempts to penetrate the seemingly orderly

life. After all, it’s not surprising that it belongs to a set of elements which we are most afraid of. Whether we’re talking about the Great Revolution or a slight departure from the daily routine, the feeling of uncertainty always creeps in. “What if it doesn’t work out?”, we ask. “And what if the state we’re in currently is the best that is possible?”

We all know very well the popular term “leaving the comfort zone”. Each change involves a similar departure from a safe outlet, which is this particular place in our private or professional life where we feel comfortable. However, we should be aware of the fact that while we are in a comfortable “shelter”, we’re not moving forward.

In the meantime, change is what triggers an avalanche of new ideas, and drives us to action.

Without change, growth is impossible. To get where we really want to go, we have to go on a journey – put on our shoes, take off our coats and leave our safe four corners. A new universe awaits us behind the door.

Based on this assumption, we decided to breathe new life into Da Vinci Studio.

The new decade stood before us with open arms.

Rebranding – closer to the roots

Carried by a wave of changes – including the crucial and strategic ones – we decided to do a complete rebranding. We’ve treated our entry into the second decade as a new birth, so we needed a new logo. With our name,we have paid homage to Leonard Da Vinci, who has been the greatest inspiration for us from the beginning. The new logotype is therefore a cross between the initials Da Vinci with the symbolism of the Vitruvian man (also called homo ad circulum).

Homo ad circulum – ideal proportions

Is there anyone who doesn’t recognize this remarkable graphic representation of a figure in a circle? Leonardo Da Vinci created an image of homo ad circulum by thinking about the golden proportions of a human being. For hundreds of years, this unusual marriage of “cold” geometry with the vitality of nature has been arousing admiration and igniting the imagination. The Vitruvian man with powerful muscles

expands the regular contours of the geometric figures without disturbing their structures. The sketch can be seen as a metaphor for an ideal symbiosis of man and science – strength and intellect. Today Homo ad circulum is a true star of pop culture – Da Vinci’s work is present on posters, T-shirts, mugs, funny drawings etc.

Using the image of the Vitruvian man, we wanted to unite with our main inspirer and at the same time highlight his merits as an innovator who was ahead of his time in so many areas.

New website and more!

What is rebranding for us? Behind this professional terminology there is a new identifying graphic – expressive, concrete, giving a picture of what our company may mean to a client. We not only created a logotype, but also a website and other materials that make up a coherent presentation of Da Vinci Studio.

The design of the new website is a way for us to boldly emerge with today’s current trends. Enough baroque glamour! We have opted for full minimalism and concentration only on those elements that are most relevant to the recipient. To achieve this goal, we needed a complete reconstruction.

Changes at the top

It didn’t go without personal changes. The position of the CEO of Da Vinci Studio was filled by a new member of the team. The previous captain, visionary and co-founder of the company, Maciej Felski handed over the wheel to Wojciech Bachta, the former COO. Seemingly everything stayed in the family, and yet there was an important transition.

But that’s not all! With the new decade, there have also been changes on the plane of ownership. Maciej Felski’s shares in Da Vinci Studio were bought out by two other partners – Wojciech Bachta and Michał Polak.

The team’s blooming and going out of the office

Apart from the well-known and popular team in Bielsko-Biała, we create an additional team of specialists who support us in the “non-stationary” formula. Although the heart of the company remains here in Podbeskidzie, we’re also running a task-based remote mode, which already has managed to prove itself during the implementation of our projects. Seeing this progress, we have decided to put a stronger focus on this form of action.

Company specialization – new direction

In the IT world, more than in any other business, stagnation means going backwards.

A moment of rest results in being left behind, which is often impossible to make up. With this in mind, we considered it necessary to take a new direction with the company’s specialization in the issues of business process digitization with using machine learning and AI algorithms.

This may sound like rocket science, and if it does, let us know!  We can discuss how to implement these difficult shortcuts to improve your business.

The projects, which mean we’re going all in

In our push for the new and better, we don’t recognize half measures. We aim at acquiring projects that will be fully executed by our team. We know that thanks to the quality of our team, we give clients the best results, when we complete the entirety of the project under our roof.

Our new product

They said not to jinx it, but we are far from believing in superstitions, so today we want to brag about something! At the moment Da Vinci Studio is creating a new product for the logistics industry. This is not terra incognita for us – in logistics we already have a lot of experience, and we have many business contacts. In the spirit of time, the new product will be based on elements of artificial intelligence and will allow automating the process of analyzing requests for proposals.

The future of Da Vinci Studio

The entry into the new decade also entails setting new priorities. The second decade means that we’ll focus more on sales activities and marketing. We know we should do a lot more in this regard than we have thus far. We also know that we can afford it. To meet this goal we are going to build a solid sales team that will work to support programmers, take care of acquiring new exciting projects and manage customer relations. Maybe you want to co-create it with us? Definitely, let us know!

Rocket fuel

Finally, “last but not least,” we want to show off something else. At the end of April we notarized that Da Vinci Studio was among the companies, in which the CzystaVC fund has invested. That not only gave us an injection of financial resources, but also substantial resources in the form of support of a qualified team and experienced experts in many fields.

The fund’s support proved to be another driving force for us, which – like we firmly believe – will give us the fuel we need to get to an even higher level.

Towards a new decade!

As we enter the second decade of our business, we feel the excitement of the revolutionary changes we’ve made. We believe that the next decade will not only be a continuation of the good streak, but also an inspiration for further transformations. We promise that this is not our last word. Ahead we go, towards the future!


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