Komunikator JOYN

CLIENT: Hyent Technology Sp. z o.o.

PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT: To create an innovative communication tool for both individual and group users.

4Trans Mobile


PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT: To create a simple and convenient application for reading driver’s cards, tachographs and route documentation.


Client: The BluArk

PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT: Creating a website with job offers allowing to collect offers adequately to the specific market requirements of the selected industry.

Da Vinci Medica App

CLIENT: Internal design

PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT: To create a mobile application supporting the work of field analysts of Da Vinci Medica system, who collect materials on tenders and produce photographic documentation in hospitals on a daily basis.

The Milky Way

The application contains all relevant data connected with astronomy. By creating a virtual sky map, the user can gain knowledge of any star, planet, and other elements of the night sky with just one move.

WeBB MeetUp

Mobile application created for WeBB MeetUp conference that enables participants to ask questions for lecturers in real-time.

WeBB MeetUp

The application developed for the needs of the WeBB MeetUp conference, thanks to which the participants could ask the speakers real-time questions.

Da Vinci Medica App

CLIENT: Internal project

PURPOSE: To create a mobile application that supports analysts in field working with Da Vinci Medica System. Everyday analysts collect data on tenders and create a photo documentation in the hospitals.   


CLIENT: Internal project

PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT: To create an application to automatically scan and recognize Duży Lotek coupons.

4Trans Mobile


PURPOSE: Designing easy to use and comfortable application to read driver’s cards, tachographs and to document the routes.

TSP application


PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT: To create an application for TSP football team fans, thanks to which they can get their live reports, photos, schedule of matches and the updated information.


CLIENT: Aluron Virtu Warta Zawiercie

PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT: Creation of an application for fans of the volleyball team Aluron Virtu Warta Zawiercie, thanks to which every fan can follow all events of the club on an ongoing basis

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