Your product needs dedicated solutions – how a web app can change customer views

Implementation of new solutions is always a process that takes several months, and sometimes even years. Entire teams put their heart and soul into it, expecting an effect consistent with the objectives. Despite the painstaking and hard work, the solutions created are not always well received. Often sales don’t go as expected and customers quickly lose interest. You can have a great service or product and still have problems with distribution and sales. Where does the problem lie? Perhaps the system that is designed to sell is incomplete? Or perhaps the form of software used in the process doesn’t meet customer demand? The problems may lie on different sides, but they don’t necessarily mean that the service you created is bad. One of the most common barriers is lack of dedicated web application that introduces new functionalities and responds to specific needs of the client and your business plan. You may find that creating an app speeds up the buying process, eases the customer’s path to fulfillment, or helps them understand the process of your product. As a result, not only the interest of the recipient is increased, but also the sales.

What kinds of tasks can apps help the business with?Dedykowane aplikacje internetowe

It all depends on where the problem lies. Web-based applications can address a range of issues that arise at different stages of operation and in different environments – designers, developers, salespeople, marketers, and ultimately customers. At some level, there may be a lack of solutions to streamline the completion of an order. Designing an application can help in the following activities:

  • managing processes within the company,
  • integration with other systems or databases,
  • improving sales process, customer purchase path,
  • analyzing customer activity.

Do you need dedicated solutions? Check what are the steps of creating an application

The application development process depends on what the problem is and what it involves. In order for the whole thing to be successful, it is necessary to precisely define the activities.

Stage I – identifying customer needs. Since web applications are solutions which are supposed to support business and increase sales, it is necessary to analyze the needs of your company. Recognizing and naming the problems, which at a later stage will be solved.

Stage II – work on the project. Knowing the specific needs, the team of specialists can start working on tasks that will help to solve it. Your customer accesses the store’s mobile app and takes no action? Employees have trouble picking up orders? Users can’t use your site in a particular browser? Developing an application is building an answer to the given problem.

Stage III – application implementation and testing. As with the creation of your service or product, also here you need to check whether the offered solutions actually work and will become helpful. In this step it is important that the application is looked at by various users – not only the customer, but also the employees of individual departments.

Stage IV – releasing the final version of the application. This is not the end of the process either. Observation of how the software works, what effects it brings and what errors it throws is crucial for further development.

Tailor-made web application

Maybe the problem you see in your business does not require complex technologies, systems and modules. Maybe there is simply no ready-made solution on the market. A team of experienced specialists from our software house Da Vinci Studio identifies the problem and builds an application which is a solution specifically for your business. If you are looking for an answer for faulty management system, placing orders or you are not able to recognize limitations of your service by yourself, contact us and tell us about your business. Together we will find the right solution.

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